Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My Little Digger

In the Fall/Winter the water level is down at the lake exposing a rocky, sandy shore. While Cooper dashes back and forth, jumping in the water when he feels the spirit, Mickey stays high and dry. But he has discovered the joys of digging in the sand.

We have been very productive here. I've completely cleaned out one closet and have made great progress in the kitchen. We also repaired the flagpole, replacing parts and getting it back upright beside the water. Hubby drained the oil from the lawn mower and replaced it with new oil. He removed the blades to take home to the cottage to sharpen. It will be ready for next year's mowing. 

And so it goes. It's been really nice being here this time of year when no one else is around except a few full timers down the street. We've enjoyed good meals, with wine and cheese before dinner and hot chocolate later in the evening. 

Have a great day!

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