Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Word of the Year: MOVING

So many quilt bloggers pick a word to inspire their year. I don't ever do that, but if I did...it would have to be MOVING.

In February we moved out of our Auburn home when we sold it. Over the last two days we helped Daughter 2 move out of the condo. (Yes, we are selling it too - it's under contract and will close in a few weeks.) And up next (in a few weeks) we'll be moving into our new home.

This latest move went well. We realized on Saturday that the trailer I'd rented was not going to fit everything. So I went back to U-Haul and rented a 15 ft. truck. Yes, I drove a big truck! I only drove it from the U-Haul store to the condo though. Both the trailer and the truck were loaded by some really nice moving guys. We drove back to the lake with all the stuff and got a good night's sleep. Then yesterday we left early for Tuscaloosa in a caravan: I drove hubby's SUV pulling a 12 foot trailer, Daughter 2 drove her car, and hubby drove the truck.  We had more moving hired in Tuscaloosa to unload everything.

The only casualty was a table - the top pulled away from a leg - it's an easy repair and will be good as new! Oh, and a couple of lamp shades were crushed - again - easy to replace.

We took a lunch break mid-afternoon - the ORIGINAL Dreamland for the BEST ribs EVER! YUM! We really pigged out - no pun intended.

Hubby and I drove back to the lake last night, a bit tired, but happy with another thing marked off our list.

Today I'll be doing some list making, organizing, and planning.


  1. Moving is so much work. I hope you will soon be settled in your forever home, with plenty of space to enjoy and quilt.


  2. It sure sounds like your word reading that post. I would hate to move - so much to get rid of. Ugh. Glad you're home safe.


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