Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Morning of Errands

It was beautiful day to run errands in Auburn. The sun was shining, the students were out and about, and all was right with the world. My errands consisted of dropping off checks and picking up checks.

-Dropped off check to pay for painting the front door of the condo
-Dropped off check for wedding caterer
-Picked up check - closed out business checking account

And of course, as I left town I did my next two weeks of grocery shopping. Done and done!

Thanks so much for all the good wishes for my retirement. You are all awesome! And since I no longer have a specific schedule... I am going to put (what would have been a Hexie Love article) an fun tutorial on the blog next week! Stay tuned!

Today I have plans to continue binding... getting there, one stitch at a time! AND, when the temperature warms up later today we plan to have our first boat ride of the season. Happy Dance!


  1. Just don't hurt yourself by doing too many "happy dances"!

  2. Will we be able to finish hexie bliss? I have section 1 done and part of section 2.


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