Friday, April 8, 2016

The "R" Word...

This a a year of change for our family. Our younger daughter has only ONE WEEK left in Pharmacy School! And she's getting married. We're downsizing in a big way and couldn't be more excited. We are so happy to be in the place we are...

I've been doing lots of soul searching. I LOVE what I do - love Hexie Love - love quilting. You know I do!

But...yes, there's a BUT!

I've decided that with our simple life in our new community...I want to simplify my life even more.

And so, I've decided to dissolve my business. I've sat on the idea in my mind for quite a while, chewing on it, seeing how it tastes and feels. And yes, it feels right to me.


No worries for you if you are making this year's Block of the Month and Bliss, both patterned in Hexie Love. Over the course of this year I'll be providing the patterns here on my blog - you won't miss a thing!

And the old issues of Hexie Love? They are all FREE now! Look up at the top of my blog - see the tab. Help yourself! Let me know if you have any problems with this.

My blog will keep going, I promise!  I'll keep sharing all the quilts I make and the projects I work on.
So nothing will really change as far as you, the reader, goes. You'll still get the patterns - for free - but I won't have any self imposed deadlines. I think we all will be happy.

And so, that's my news for today! I'm headed to Auburn today - a few errands to run there. I wish you a very happy hexie day!


  1. This must be the year of retirement! You are the second person in quilting/crafting community that is retiring! Best wishes!!!!

  2. Good for you!!! It is time to enjoy and do what you want and not what you have to do!!

  3. Good for you!!! It is time to enjoy and do what you want and not what you have to do!!

  4. Felice per te e per quello di cui potrai godere e grazie per il regalo delle riviste. AUGURI DI CUORE
    Silvana Italia

  5. Congratulations!!!!
    Simplifying your life is the best idea ever! I am not there yet but working towards it:)

  6. Congratulations! Retirement is a exciting occasion. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to get "the rest of the story" of the BOM and Bliss. Relax enjoy your new life💕💕


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