Monday, April 4, 2016

Boats in the Water

We started with the Sea Doo Saturday morning. DONE!

Sunday it was the pontoon boat. DONE!

Now they are both "parked" at the pier on their lifts. Happy Dance. It's really worked out well living here during this time of year. With Hubby's father still weak and exhausted from lung cancer and its treatments, it's up to us to do all this prep for summer at the lake.  Hubby has been working his tail off here, but all the work is almost done.

We celebrated by enjoying a cold beverage on the pier to enjoy sunset last night. Then we grilled out burgers. Ahhh....

As far as the pet containment system goes...
The comments contained valid points! Don't worry - we NEVER leave Cooper out without being with him. And we only put the collar on and use the system a couple of times per day. He still goes on long leash walks with us every day. I'm still up in the air about the system. He's learned quickly, but he will not poop so close to the house. So we still must leash walk him to do all his business. (Not a bad thing since it forces us to walk more!) And so, I'm not convinced this will work long term for us. We'll see...

And in quilty accomplishments:
Over the weekend I quilted all three quilts that I had basted last week! Today I'll be binding! Yay me!


  1. What a wonderful, peaceful place!! ENJOY!!! And as usual, you are getting so much done!!!

  2. Hi! I have just recently found your blog! We also have a lake house on lake Martin! It almost looks like we may be neighbors. What area of the lake are you in? We are in Sandy creek. The lake is so beautiful! We do not get to go often. We have moved further away. But we do love it!