Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Family Pets

Last night we had a group text going with our daughters. I sent them both this photo of our doggies in hubby's lap. Yes, Cooper is trying to be a LAP dog!

Daughter 2 sent this photo of her sweet kitty, Arwen, at the condo.

And Daughter 1 sent this photo of their Scout, chilling after playing outside all day.

We are definitely an animal loving family!

I haven't had many quilt related photos lately - everything is secret but will be revealed soon, I promise! I'm still binding today! Around and around I go...

In other news, I had the nicest phone call yesterday. A sweet woman who lives down the street from our new cottage called. She had heard from mutual friends that we are moving there and wanted to welcome me. She invited me to the neighborhood women's group, too. I think we're going to like this neighborhood!


  1. What a sweet post! Yes, animal lovers run in your family! Very special!

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