Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lots of Hexie Love!

I've been glued to my laptop for days! And loving every minute of it! I'm happy to report that the first issue of Hexie Love is almost complete! I'm SO proud of it! It's full of interesting articles, LOTS of pictures, projects and ideas galore! 

I just need to do some final editing and add some links. My daughters are going to help me with the proofing. 

I think I can pick up a needle and thread today! Love to be on top of things…

Today I thought I'd share one of my favorite quilts at the Houston show. Remember when I participated in the American Made Brand Farm to Fabric Blog Hop? I made the block representing the state of Alabama. The finished quilt was on display in Houston and I love it!

Can you find my block?

It's the only one with a bright orange background!


  1. Thanks for sharing the quilt-it really turned out fantastic...especially your block of course. What a fun project to participate it.

  2. Found it! Off to check out Hexie Love - so excited for you!

  3. LOL - went to the link you provided - It opened just fine. Are you going to add a tab for it to you header? Love your block. My neighbor's daughter lives in Alabama. He just came back from visiting her for Thanksgiving.

  4. Once more - Julia. I invite you to link to Hexie Weekend to show off that quilt.

  5. I really wanted to make that quilt, but I was having so much trouble opening so many of the patterns that I gave up. The quilt is so great.
    Hexie Love is coming....:)

  6. I followed that American Made Brand blog hop. The completed quilt looks awesome! I bet everyone is so proud of the state plates they created for this. It was such a good idea.


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