Monday, December 8, 2014

Hexie Evening!

Last night I basted a pile of 3/4" hexies. (The little bowl has a few chocolates…)

My 3/4" stash of basted hexies is growing!!!! I want to fill this container by Christmas…

Here's my sweet Cooper, at the vet this morning. He has a large growth on one of his paws so I took him to the doctor. They did a needle biopsy which cause it to bleed, hence the bandage. The biopsy turned out fine and the vet says the growth should go away on it's own in about 3 weeks. Hope so! If not they'll take it off.

Cooper was a very good sport! But the best news…this was the first time he'd been weighed since I was told this summer we needed to get his weight down. He has lost 10.3 pounds!!!! We did it! The vet was VERY pleased and impressed with our diligence.


  1. Ohhh poor sweetie! He looks so cute...I love the rich colors of your hexagons...I have been STUCK on my Monet's City in how to enlarge it gracefully with my blues...another puzzle to solve. I DO like the challenge of a puzzle...hugs, ;--))) Julierose

  2. Ohh, p.s. I have your new book on my Christmas Wish List...fingers crossed Hugs, Julierose

  3. Of course there are chocolates on your working space. Is there any other way to hexie????

  4. What are you feeding Cooper?
    maybe it 'll work for me too ????? : )
    Bless him, TLC is called for, glad its just a sebaceous something or other !

  5. Cooper looks a bit sorry for himself or is he hungry! well done getting his weight down.
    Wondering about the 2015 hexie project, if I still do 1" hexies could they be combind with the 12 bocks from this year into one very large quilt, just a thought before i do anything with them

  6. Poor Cooper, hope he gets better ASAP.
    Wow, all those hexies, are they for 2015?

  7. Aww, poor Cooper! :( Is there anything sadder looking than an animal in one of those bandages? Well, maybe an animal with one of those satellite dishes around their necks...still, I hope he gets better soon. Poor guy!


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