Thursday, December 11, 2014

2015 Hexie Block of the Month: General Information!

Before the new year, let's plan ahead for the 2015 Hexie BOM! Yay!


I'm making the samples using English Paper Piecing (EPP).

I'm using 3/4" papers, available from

Hexie fabric: I'm using my stash of Kaffe Fassett plus a few other favorites, but anything will be beautiful!

Fussy Cutting: Fussy cutting is cutting the fabric for a hexie so that there is a motif centered in the hexie. I'm planning to do lots of this for 2015, but of course, it's optional!

Each design will be presented in only 2 colors, HOWEVER --- I'll be using more colors when I make my samples. (You'll understand this when you see the first pattern.) I encourage each of you to play with your color placement in each month's pattern! Have fun!!!

Background fabric:

I'm using a natural linen. Cut each block to 14.5" square. These blocks will finish at 14" square. Of course, any background fabric will work!!! You should be able to get twelve 14.5" blocks from 2 yards of fabric, but buy a bit extra if you plan to prewash it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I make these out of 1" hexies like the 2014 BOM and can the blocks from both years be put into one quilt:

Answer: You can make the hexies any size you want. But will they work with the 2014 blocks? Maybe, depending on what method you use to make hexies. The key here is to lay out a row of  9 hexies. There will not be a 2015 block with a height or width of more than 9 hexies. Remember the 2014 sun block? It was 9 hexies across and I know some people had trouble fitting it in the 15.5" background block. So if you want to use 1" hexies, you made need a background that is bigger than last year's. 

That being said, let me repeat: you can make these patterns from any size hexie you wish! But I'll let you figure out what size background squares you'll need. My instructions will always be for 3/4" hexies with 14.5" background squares.

2. How many papers do I need to purchase? 

Answer: I haven't counted, but let's plan on 50 per month. Many months will include less than that, but you'll want some extras, right?

3. How much fabric will I need for the hexies?

Answer: I don't know! It depends on how you do it! Some people work with squares of fabric and  wrap lots of extra to the backside of the paper. Some cut their fabric with a die cutter to the exact size, and thus use less. This will be a great project to work from your stash if you wish.

Where and When to Find the Patterns

I'll post a new block pattern on the first day of each month. For 2015 I'll have all the patterns under one tab at the top of the blog page so they'll be easy to find.

I hope this helps you all with your planning! 


  1. Oh this sounds fascinating...hugs, Julierose

  2. Oh boy - intriguing and can't wait to get busy with this. Finished appliquéing my wreaths onto background last night and will post today. Thanks for offering these BOM'S. I'm loving it. Also can't wait for the Hexie Love reveal in January - so many exciting things coming up. Wooohoo! NJM

  3. id better get a wriggle on and finish 2014s blocks lol

  4. I have fallen in love with hexies and this sounds like lots of fun!!! I'm sure I'll have lots of questions, but I will learn and play along.

  5. getting excited about this next 12 months of hexies roll on jan 1st

  6. Yahoo - another BOM! Hurry up January I say!

  7. I'm very excited about this. I can't wait to see how everyone interprets each block.

  8. I have just viewed the different BOMs and not sure how to do these. Do you stitch the hexagons into the patterned design and then applique them to the background? I didn't see where that was described in the different months.


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