Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hexie Happenings...

Here's a sneak peek of what's going on around here. Could this be a little preview of next year's Hexie Block of the month? Maybe…

Cooper loves to watch me hexie. Yesterday he sat and watched for quite a while. Knowing him like I do, I think he just wanted to get those hexies in his mouth, slide out of sight under our big ottoman, and chew them to pieces. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he appreciates fine handwork.  :)

Here are the  rolls I made yesterday. BIG SUCCESS! They rose beautifully, and are light and fluffy! I'll definitely be making a double batch of these for Christmas.

Today will be fun. I'm going to a Birthday Block luncheon - the last of the year. Today is the day we all bring our instructions/patterns/fabric for next year's blocks. Instead of asking my friends to make a certain block for me next year, I'm asking for a couple of orphan blocks from each. I'm planning to make a "Kitchen Sink" quilt. I hope they all have some orphan blocks in their stash; I have a drawer full of them!


  1. Cooper has good taste...hexies are awesome. I kind of think that you are right though, Cooper wants to get them to chew on them. My furry buddy would like to get them and pee on them so everyone would know they were his. UGH

  2. Cooper looks so innocent as though butter would not melt in his mouth, Not heard of a kitchen sink quilt, sounds interesting

  3. I just LOVE Cooper's expression...I wonder if he is thinking "I can do that" LOL looking forward to 2015 block of the month! I am almost ready to assemble the 2014 top--I am so excited about it! it will be a goft for a friend :-) who is very deserving and I know will care for it!


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