Saturday, December 27, 2014


Yesterday we took my mother to Atlanta to meet my brother - he took her the rest of the way home to Augusta. The girls came along and we had a fun time at Ikea! LOVE Ikea! We loaded up the car with all our boxes. (Assembly Required!)

Daughter 1 bought two desks for her new office at home - she and her hubby are painting the room this weekend.

I got a nice tall metal shelf for the garage - lots of good storage for some of my seldom used kitchen appliances and overflow paper goods. I put it together this morning and have all my things organized.  What is it about the end of the year that makes us want to organize???

I also got another RASKOV - this one a pretty blue. This makes my third one - the other two are gray. I love these little carts. I have one in my sewing studio and one that stays by my chair in the living room with all my sewing supplies (I roll it into a closet when company is here). I'm not sure where the new one will go or what I'll use it for - I just wanted it! :)

Once the car was loaded we had to go back in Ikea for the obligatory Swedish Meatballs, of course.

Today has been all about taking down the Christmas trees, wreaths, and other decorations. And laundry! I've done two loads - saving the other two loads for tomorrow. Now hubby is working on our electronics - internet, Roku, Blue Ray player….trying to get them all to play nicely together.

Tonight I'm planning on finishing the 2015 February Hexie Block of the Month. I love being ahead of schedule!

Oh, look what came today -  a bright yellow package from Hancock's of Paducah! I had ordered this fabric months ago, but it was backordered. Finally came in! I adore a good black and white stripe...


  1. I purchased on of those rolling carts for my mother and she loves it! She does a lot of knitting and crocheting so this works to hold all her yarn.

  2. I think we are all Ikea fans and I am lucky to have one not far away and can get there by bus.The trolley looks a good idea might just have to check it out. You are taking your tree down as i am preparing for my 2 daughters and granddaughter coming for our Christmas meal tomorrow
    Roll on Jan 1st when we will see our new hexie for 2015

  3. I love IKEA, I could spend hours there. I love that cart, I think I need one or two. I sure would like to be able to organize my stuff by my sewing chair. And I would love to roll it away when needed.
    Happy New Year.

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