Friday, October 30, 2020

A Slower Week


I machine embroidered another little onesie for Sadie. I need to order more in a bigger size - she is growing so fast that these are already tight! 

I pulled out this pillow kit I purchased in Houston last year - I cut the pieces and have it ready for hand stitching. I cut out the letters that go in the mouth when I get to that point.

Food. During a pandemic...

I finally hit a wall in cooking. I enjoy cooking normally, but enough is enough. So my new routine is to cook something on Sunday every week. I try to make a meal that will feed us twice or more. This past week it was Ravioli Lasagna - recipe here. This Sunday I'll make Cheesy Ground Beef Empanadas - recipe here.

We order take out pizza every week - we get two meals from that. 

Wednesday night is burger night at the clubhouse in our neighborhood - see picture above. These are GIGANTIC! We each get one (along with their delicious sweet potato fries) and eat half one night, saving the other half for another meal. The clubhouse has a very safe food pick up protocol. 

I know - not the healthiest of routines, but it gets us fed with minimal cooking. Last week we skipped the burgers and ordered a taco kit from a restaurant. Sometimes we skip the pizza and we grill out something. 

About Zeta:

Zeta hit our region harder than expected - it was the wind that was so damaging. We were lucky and have no damage at either home. The power was out at the lake for more than 24 hours. Hubby went yesterday and cleaned up the yard and emptied the refrigerator. There were so many tree and power lines across roads that he struggled to get there. So many people have trees on their houses and/or cars. Let's hope that was the last hurricane for the time being!

Today I think I'll set my machine back up for stitching and pull out the cheddar bow ties and Appalachian Autumn blocks. 

Stay safe! 


  1. I do something similar. I was so use to cooking for six that I kept doing that one day a week - usually Sunday. Then I make sides to go with the entrée. Have take out on Thursdays and the occasional pizza. Works for us. Cute little onesy. Glad Zeta didn't get you.


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