Sunday, November 1, 2020

Back to My Daily Quilting Progress...

I've now made enough Appalachian Autumn blocks that I wanted to start sashing them. Because the background colors I chose are very close in value, Bonnie Hunter's sashing design would have been lost. So I decided to do my own thing with the sashing. I have had this fine wale corduroy in my stash for years and it fit the bill.

I'm liking it! Just a few more leaf blocks to go and I'll be ready for the pieced borders!

Yesterday I made the last four-block unit of cheddar bowties for another large block unit. Now I have two of these. I'm loving this!

Yesterday we decided to open doors and windows and burn off the fumes from our fireplace. We wanted to do this on a day that Sadie wasn't here. Cooper really appreciated the fire. Okay, now we're ready for cooler weather.

Stay safe!


  1. Love your cheddar bowties! It looks "infinite" :-)


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