Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Embroidery and Applique!


Before I get back to my regular routine of cheddar bowties, Fall leaves, and stars...I decided to pull out the embroidery module for my Bernina and work on some onesies for Sadie. I bought a five pack of long sleeve onesies. I did this pumpkin one yesterday. Sadie loved watching the machine do its thing.

Today I'll do another.

And I've done a bit of Fall baking. Pumpkin Bread - yum! And this delightful snack. 

Caramel Puff Corn is so easy to make - you start with cheese puff corn. I love this stuff - no 'old maids' or kernels. Great for snacking during a football game. It's very addictive, so make lots! You'll find the recipe HERE! NOTE: the recipe calls for one bag of puff corn - I used two bags, each just over 4 oz. Here's the kind I used:

Your family will LOVE it! I made two batches of this last week - from 4 bags of puff corn - it went fast! Yes, I shared with our daughters....

We're expecting rain and wind from Zeta today and tomorrow. This will be the third hurricane that has affected us. Of course Sally took part of our fence out - it's now repaired. Let's hope this one isn't too bad.

Stay safe!

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