Monday, October 12, 2020

Curved Hexie Stitch Along - Part 12


Guess what!!!??? This is the final part!!! We have arrived at the end of our journey!

Until about 10 days ago, I had no idea how this would end. But I played around on my design wall and suddenly knew it needed to be shaped like a hexagon in the end. Appropriate, right?

I know I promised only 6 or 7 hexies per week. But I wanted to give you the rest of the instructions all at once. So, take your time. Finish at your own pace.

We're making four units that each have six hexies. 

Two of the six will be hexies using only one fabric.

Two will be cut with S2.

Two will be cut with P4. 

Remember the scallop effect we did earlier? That's what we're doing. These are the units starting at the top left and going clockwise.


And now what to do with this hexagon shaped quilt top? I have appliquéd mine to a background and plan to add borders and maybe more hexies on the borders. I'll share it when it is complete. What will you do with yours? I want to see! Please send me pictures as you finish yours!!!! I really want to see them! Be creative!

I came very close to leaving this hexagon shaped quilt top as is - quilting it and using it as a table topper or a floor quilt for Sadie. So maybe you'll do so with yours????

I really hope you've had fun making this with me. You now are thoroughly versed in making curved hexagons. I hope you'll use the ruler again and again and have more fun with it. Continue to share what you make with curved hexies.

Stay safe!


  1. AWESOME!!! My thoughts as to a finished project (this started with last weeks clue) has been a table topper. Now, looking at the first photo on the site, table topper it is! Can't wait to get it finished!!! Choosing the right colors for finishing is going to be a challenge.

  2. Wonderful! Really love it. Mine is going to be a wall hanging so I may add a border. Thanks so much, Julia.❤️☺️❤️