Friday, April 13, 2018

Tired, Sore, and Satisfied

Here I was yesterday, resting on a large ottoman at the lake house, very tired, having finished three days of heavy labor. WHEW! During the three days Hubby and I (with help from one son-in-law) completely emptied the house. As soon as I took this selfie, even the big ottoman was put on our trailer - we brought it back to town and dropped it off at an upholstery shop to be recovered.

I went through and emptied every drawer of every piece of furniture and the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This house was my in-law's for the last 30 years. We threw away tons of stuff. Yesterday a charity truck came and took the refrigerator and LOTS of furniture and household goods. LOTS! We gave some furniture and appliances to friends who all came to get it. Anything we wanted to keep went into a storage POD which is now very full:

Yes, we loaded that POD - and we have the sore muscles to prove it! At the end of the day yesterday the house was empty.

We also put the boat and the Seadoo in the water. Another big accomplishment!

The remodeling crew will begin their work on Tuesday. We are so excited! We have remodeled a home before, but we did it piecemeal, over a span of time, and did some of the work ourselves. This time is different. We will not lift a finger. And we are told the work should be done in about 3 months.

We are so excited to be the owners of the home now. We hope the work done this summer will enable this house to be ready for the next 30 years for our family to enjoy.

We'll be going to the lake about once per week for Hubby to mow the grass and to check on the progress.

And this is why there has been absolutely NO SEWING this week.

I hope to rest today and maybe even sew a bit. I miss holding a needle and thread!


  1. Hope you got some rest!! That's a huge job!!!

  2. Sounds like a lot of work. But you will enjoy it in the end.


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