Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Next Step

Here is the next step in Bring Me Flowers. I need to appliqué 4 curved pieces to each of these four patch alternate blocks. The tricky part is that there are four different fabrics around the sides. So once I was happy with the layout I had to label each block so I won't get confused. See the sticker?


Yesterday I traced the appliqué lines on the backside of each block -

Then from the backside I basted the curved pieces in place with big stitches and big thick thread. Now these blocks will be portable and easy to applique at night while watching TV. I still have more of this basting to do.

Today is Hubby's birthday! I'm making him a special breakfast and I have fun plans for later - but mostly we'll be watching the Masters golf tournament. (And I'll be hand stitching!) Should be a fun day!

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