Sunday, April 29, 2018

Japanese Taupes

Here's my stash of Japanese woven taupes I bought in Paducah. I's not like looking at a pile of brights, but I do love them and look forward to sewing with them.

Yoko Saito is my inspiration in this journey. I plan to hand piece lots of the blocks in this book and I'll figure out how to put them together later...much later. 

At the same booth (check out I found these Kurumi Buttons. They look like opaque contact lenses. You covered them with a small gathered circle of fabric and appliqué them to a quilt or bag. I really liked the look on the projects displayed in the booth - I bought a few packs. By the way, they come in different sizes.

I did go back to the doctor on Friday. One ear is still infected and full of fluid. I received a round of oral steroids, a different round of antibiotics, and a nasal spray. Today I finally think I can feel a bit of a difference in my ear - yay!

I did get out just a bit yesterday. I visited a friend who just moved here - lucky me: she's a quilter and moved very close by! I went to Kohl's - they had a sale on small kitchen appliances. When we cleaned out the lake house I donated ALL that stuff. So I bought most of the things I'll need: crockpot, coffee maker, can opener, toaster, etc. Then I went to Target and I bought lake house sheets (again, on sale). Next I did a grocery pick-up at Kroger. We've had a couple of bad experiences lately picking up at Walmart. Kroger did a great job! I do not miss wandering around the grocery store!

Today I'll be staying home and resting AND I hope to get started on my taupe quilt.

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