Monday, April 30, 2018

My First Taupe Block

Let me tell you, this must be a labor of love. It was very tedious! I picked out the block from Yoko Saito's book - Unnamed House 1 - to begin this journey. I quickly realized that she only includes a very small image of the pattern. I had to use graph paper and draft the pattern to the size I wanted. I first drew a six inch square block, but it seemed too big. So I went with a four inch block. 

Then I had to cut the tiny pieces from the graph paper and glue them to card stock. Then I could finally trace the patterns on the back of various fabrics and begin.

While in Paducah I purchased a variety of new hand sewing needles. I tried one of these yesterday. So far, so good.

I also purchased this seam roller to press seams as I go - this I LOVE! You would not believe the crease it will make in fabric with no heat!

The sewing didn't take very long compared to the prep time. The pieces are very tiny - those chimneys are only 1/4" wide! I did save the tiny little templates I made - I'm storing each block in a labeled snack baggie.

If you haven't noticed, I love to make tedious quilts! So this is right up my alley.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. When I have blocks like that, I use freezer paper. You can even run it through the printer. Just print your block on the freezer paper, cut it apart, iron to the back of the fabric and trace around. It might save you some steps. I really love your house block! The taupes are beautiful!


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