Sunday, April 22, 2018

Home From Paducah!

My friends and I had a fabulous time in Paducah. Though I've been to this show a few times in the past, it was my first trip since the new convention center has been built. Big improvement! Today I'm sharing some random photos, but I'll share a few of my favorite quilt over the next week.

I spotted this sign painted on a building with my name in it - how cool!

We went out for a very nice meal every night. This margarita happens to be the very best margarita I've had in my entire life! Yes, it was that good! A couple of nights later we went back for another - a different bartender made it and it wasn't as good. The restaurant was Shandies.

We all had to get this shirt - so cute!

And one day we had this for lunch - the traditional Boy Scout's strawberry shortcake. This was our entire lunch - nothing else!

I really enjoyed the fabric selection lecture by Alex Anderson - yes, I learned a few new things though I've been quilting for 25 years. She's so personable and entertaining. The tip I learned that stands out in my mind: if you pick a focus fabric for a quilt and use it to select other are not obligated to use the focus fabric in the quilt! Eureka! And if you do use it in the quilt - try only using it as the border. Eureka!

I also took a lecture/demo by Hollis Chatelain - fun to watch her work but I don't think I'll attempt that. I really don't like to work with dyes. I did learn some good tips from her though; i.e., she only uses Superior mono-poly thread in the bobbin for machine quilting. I bought a spool and will try it out.

My head cold didn't slow me down, though I was pooped by the end of each day. I'm still coughing like crazy and hoping my friends don't come down with it!

One of the special moments of the trip was running into a Birmingham quilter friend - so good to see her!!!!!! We used to be in a small art quilt group together.

I have many quilt photos to share and also the fun things I bought. Did I stick to my list? Yes and no. I did buy everything on my list. But I also bought lots more fabric than I'd planned. Who can resist???


  1. Paducah! Fun to see, learn, with fun memories to keep forever! -Kim

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I've been to one of Alex's lectures before, and she is very entertaining.