Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Flower Block Are DONE!

I did it! I finished the last two flower blocks for Bring Me Flowers yesterday.

This particular block was a challenge because I never found the missing 3 wedges. I managed to eek out the pieces from a few scraps - I truly only have snippets of fabric left.  This meant that one flower has 3 gray wedges. I don't think anyone will notice. For me it will be a reminder of how I used every last bit of fabric. I made really good use of one jelly roll to make all these flowers.

I still have to do some appliqué on the alternate blocks - so I'm not done yet. Today I'll play with the layout and the placement of the alternate blocks. To be continued....

We had another work day at the lake yesterday. What beautiful weather! We have made great progress. All kitchen and bathroom cabinets are now empty. We've emptied drawers of furniture that will be donated to charity. And we've thrown away tons of stuff. Next week the charity truck will come and the Pod will be delivered. We are getting there.

Enjoy your day!

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