Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Cross Stitch Update!

Alrighty! Here's the progress on the May block. There will be another row of windows at the top of the house before the roof is added. I'm going to personalize this one for Daughter 1, adding her name at the top of the block. I'll have to get some graph paper out for that.

I told myself I would never get sucked into watching floss tubes....
But I did.
(If you don't know, floss tubes are Youtube videos that cross stitchers make and put on Youtube. They talk about their projects and other things in their lives.

I'm hooked on Brenda and the Serial Starter. Find it on Youtube. Brenda and Laura have such a nice demeanor and I  love watching them. They post every other Sunday. That's doable for me to watch with my limited time. 

Of course, when they show things they are working on.... I want to do it, too! And so I've acquired some new patterns. Brenda is running out of wall space in her home for large samplers, so she's focusing on smalls for a bit. 'Smalls' are small projects that can be finished as little pillows, pincushions, etc. Here are some patterns I've bought after seeing them on their floss tube.

Can you see a theme? All are sewing related! I'm looking forward to starting these, but I'm telling myself I CAN"T until I finish Anniversaries of the Heart. I'm really trying to be a monogamous cross stitcher! I'm afraid if I take a break from A of the H, I won't pick it up again. So I'll keep going along on it and look forward to the smalls to come!

Many stitchers display their smalls in a dough bowl. Yes, you guessed it! I have ordered a dough bowl from Etsy for my future smalls. I tend to plan ahead. Haha!

No, I have not started building up a stash of linen and various threads....YET! Quilting will always come first for me, but I'm really enjoying my little jaunt into cross stitch.

Enjoy your day!


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