Sunday, May 22, 2022

A Face is Appearing!

I got much more done on the Sadie portrait than I expected this week. I tried to do one or two little squares every day, focusing on the simple ones while taking care of Sadie. I almost finished a row, but then switched gears today to focus on a few face blocks. 

Here is the pattern for one little 2 inch block - this is the eye that I finished today. The face area is very fiddly, with LOTS of little pieces. So I tried to get some of them done over the weekend. 

You may have noticed in that first picture....I have gone ahead and drawn the patterns for lots of easy blocks to do during this week.

Once I get past her face and the rest of the green/white pants, I'll be home free and sail through the rest of it.

My other weekend project was cleaning out my closet and drawers. I pulled out all the clothes that no longer fit. I'm only half way done! I'll box these up as soon as I finish. I was going to donate them all, but I've decided to put them in the attic for now. If I don't need them in a year, then out they go! I'm so over playing the weight game - lose it only to gain it back. I feel like I've finally killed the beast and I really don't think I'll need these bigger clothes again. Yippee!

Enjoy your week!


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