Monday, November 8, 2021

Weekend Happenings

I got back to my football watching/ hand quilting Marshal. I missed the previous weekend due to being in Houston. Look at that cute little fussy cut mouse!

Here's a new purchase that arrived Friday! An electric roaster! I have a couple of good friends here who are from Pennsylvania. They were talking about how they cook their Thanksgiving turkey in an electric roaster. Down here in the South, we've never heard of such a thing! So yes, I had to have one.

Today I'll be trying it out by cooking a large beef brisket. According to the roaster instructions, I had to turn it on high heat for one hour without the insert to get rid of the fumes. I did that on the back porch yesterday - didn't want the smells and smoke in the house. I'll keep you posted on how the brisket turns out today.

The dollhouse project has continued. I'm having a ball making this! Here you can see the teeny tiny curtains sewn in place at the top only. 

Once I read through more of the instructions, I decided that these teeny tiny curtains needed to be lined, though the pattern doesn't call for it. I didn't want exposed raw edges on the back side of the curtains. So now the curtains (there are 6 total) are completely lined. Only the best for Sadie!

Here you can see the lining - simple white cotton.

I also made a lined shower curtain - look at the little rubber ducks!

Under the shower curtain you can see the shower head.

Yesterday afternoon we went to our lake house to check out progress. You may remember, we had a major leak under the kitchen sink discovered on April 30.  All the flooring had to be torn out in the kitchen, dining, and living areas. The kitchen cabinets (most of them) had to be trashed. Lots of sheetrock had to be replaced, etc. It was a mess!

The remodelers are almost done. The floors are in. Insulation has been replaced. Sheetrock has been replaced and painting complete. New cabinets are in, along with the counters. In the middle of the floor you can see a box of tiles. They still need to repair the backsplash in a few areas. Then the next step will be to have the large appliances delivered from storage and installed. We HOPE they all work after they sat in standing water.

Then we can have all the furniture brought back from storage and we'll be DONE! This repair has taken longer than it took to build our Auburn home from scratch. But it looks just like it did before and will be worth the wait. We look forward to spending a Fall weekend there soon. The deer are everywhere - we saw 6 yesterday, including 2 babies. 

And that's the weekend report!

Continue to stay safe!



  1. Enjoyed your post, Julia. That doll house is going to be so precious.

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