Monday, November 22, 2021

Courthouse Steps - DONE!!!

So excited! I finished all the binding and sleeve hand stitching, and Hubby helped me hang the quilt behind our bed. From the time I started this quilt, I always knew it would hang here. It's so nice to see an idea come to life. This is a queen size bed for perspective.

Here's a shot of how we did it. If you look very closely you can see 3 magnetic hangers adhered to the wall just below the crown molding. These are  10 foot ceilings, so it's way up there. This is such a heavy quilt that we ended up adding 2 more magnetic hangers - total of 5.

And while we were hanging quilts, we also hung this one - my Manx Log Cabin - above Sadie's big girl bed. She doesn't sleep here yet - she's still in a crib in this same room. That center pillow on the bed will be changed out eventually to something more colorful.

Here the label for the magnetic hangers we used. 

This is one hanger. The round part is a VERY strong magnet. I bought these at the Quilt Festival in Houston. You used Command Strips to adhere them to the wall, so no holes! For the large Courthouse Steps quilt, I bought long, flat metal pieces from Lowes to slide through the sleeve and stick to the magnets. There were holes already in the metal pieces - we'd laid two of these overlapping to make the correct length and connected them by using cable ties in several places. 

For the smaller Manx Log Cabin quilt, I simply used a curtain rod I already owned in the sleeve.

These quilt hangers worked so well for us. I'm so glad I got them. A good purchase for me! 

We are hosting Thanksgiving this week for our family and special friends - can't wait! We got the quilt hung in the nick of time.

Happy Thanksgiving! Continue to stay safe!