Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Non-Stop and a New House????

I didn't have time to sew this weekend. We went to the Auburn game Saturday - an all day event.

Hubby and I made it on to the Jumbotron!

Sunday evening we attended the traveling production of The Simon and Garfunkel Story. I highly recommend this. Wonderful music and a video tour back in time. Very awesome show! See it if you get the chance.

I got my Courthouse Steps quilt back from my quilter friend - I love it with the Baptist Fan quilting pattern. I have managed to machine sew the binding and a sleeve to this. Now for the hand sewing.... I would love to have it hanging for Thanksgiving.

Here's a bit of Fall loveliness spotted when I was out shopping a few days ago. 

As for the new house......

I did a thing. I bought this vintage dollhouse. I bought it more for me than for Sadie. The house is made of solid wood and it was built in the 50's. The windows have real glass. Both the front and back sides come off for play. It's in really good shape. I do want to replace a bit of carpet and one other room of flooring, but most of the flooring in in perfect shape. I'll share more pictures soon. I love that it's on a stand with wheels.

I'll have so much decorating this. I hope it remains in our family for generations to come. Now I have a figure out where I'm going to put it!

Continue to stay safe!


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