Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Machine Embroidery End to End Quilting Update


I finally figured out the error message I was getting on my machine while doing the end to end quilting with my embroidery module! It was DRAG! When I got the error, there was a bit of quilt caught under the hoop. Okay! Now I can deal with this. I finally got the Winter Blues quilted. I still have some things to learn doing this - I need to work on lining up each hooping a little better, but I learn something each time.

Here's the final quilt, trimmed and ready for binding. I added navy binding and now I'm about halfway around with the hand sewing.

We took a break from life one morning last week and went to the lake to have FUN instead of all the work we've had to do after the water damage. Here I am on my new SeaDoo.

And here's Hubby on his.  We had fun zooming around the lake for and hour or so and then stopped on the way home for some lunch. How wonderful it is to go OUT to eat again!

I also put together this little soft book for Sadie last week - it was fun to do!

And another finish! Here's the half square triangle quilt. My long arm quilter friend did her thing quickly. I got the binding on over the weekend. It looks great in our living room.

Here's the minky on the backside. Love the modern quilting pattern! Today is our 37th wedding anniversary and I gave this quilt to Hubby as his gift. 

Demo is done at the lake house. We're supposed to get the estimate for repairs later this week and send it on to insurance. New flooring is scheduled to be installed at the end of June. Not sure how long the cabinetry for kitchen will take. But we can still enjoy the lake. We can use the bathrooms and even sleep there - just no kitchen or sofas, etc. 

Continue to stay safe!


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