Monday, May 10, 2021

Updates on Quilting and Lake House

I still haven't done much sewing since our lake home leak, so I thought I'd share some photos of the hand quilting on Marshal/Blessings.

This was all done pre LL (Lake Leak). 

Friday night we actually went out to eat INSIDE a restaurant. The restaurant is called Dough and they make amazing pizza. Mine (above) is the Farmer with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, fresh tomato, roasted onion, tomato sauce, mozzarella, arugula. Fabulous!

It felt so strange to be in a restaurant after more than a year, but we felt safe. All servers wore masks and the tables were spaced sufficiently apart.

Yesterday I was determined to sew, so I sat down at my Bernina with the embroidery module to start quilting Winter Blues. I was on my first hooping when I kept getting this message. UGH. I kept restarting and would get the message again and again. Then the embroidery module had sort of a seizure. Really. 

It was moving back and forth and making a weird noise. I shut everything down and quit for the day.

I'm about to go back in and try it again. Fingers crossed that the embroidery module is feeling better today after a good night's rest. 

Over the weekend I packed up the entire lake kitchen (insert sad face here!). ServPro provided us boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape. Hubby has hauled everything from the crawl space that we want to discard. By the way, the crawl space is pretty tall - you can walk upright in most of it. 

ServPro will haul the pile away for us. Tomorrow (Tuesday) ServPro will tear out the kitchen cabinets and flooring. I'm hoping they can avoid pulling out the upper cabinets, but we'll see about that. After demo, they will continue to dry out everything and treat the mold. 

At this point our remodelers will come in and make a list of what they need to order to put it all back together. 

We were able to get the water on just to the bathrooms, so while we are there we'll have toilets and sinks. Hubby also scrubbed the screened porch free from pollen, so we'll have a spot to sit in the shade when we go for day trips this summer. 

Continue to stay safe!



  1. so sorry about the water flood-what a job

  2. That is so difficult to go through this disaster but guess, as they say, it could have been a lot worse...hope things go smoothly on repairing it all. Good luck on embroidery!

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