Sunday, June 13, 2021

An Update

I've been away from the blog for a bit.  So here's a quick update on life around here.

I rode on a Harley! First time on a motorcycle - I was given a ride by our friend, Sam.  

We had a goat on our boat - that's me holding Sadie as a goat leaped on our boat from Goat Island. He was looking for a handout. And we gave him one once he got off the boat.

We've been going to the lake about once per week to ride the boat and the Seadoos - we don't stay overnight because the house is still in a state of demolition due to our water leak.

I started a new hand pieced quilt - Jen Kingwell's Glitter. I've been stitching on block every day. Every Sunday I cut out block kits for the upcoming week. It's amazing how the blocks pile up only doing one per day. 

I'm using colors from my sewing closet wallpaper.

Dark photo - but I have a new addition to my sewing machine family. Meet my Bernina 480. She makes a nice companion to my much larger Bernina 750 QE.  The 480 will go on retreats with me, go around town when sewing with friends, and be my backup machine when the 750 is in embroidery mode. I love her already!

I had a little scare when I found a lump under my arm. A week of worry. We went to UAB and after imaging and meeting with a few folks, all is well. It was just a cyst. Whew!

I'm still walking every single day. I have to do it either first thing in the morning or just before the sun sets. The summer heat and humidity have set in, for sure.

Continue to stay safe!


  1. A goat on your boat is awesome 😎
    Love the hand stitching !!

  2. A ride on a Harley, a goat on the boat, and a health scare -- your life is definitely NOT boring. SO glad it was just a scare & nothing else. Something like that makes you thankful for each & every day, doesn't it? Ask me how I know? Mine wasn't possible breast cancer but possible ovarian cancer & once 3 tumors were removed (one of which is usually found in young women, odd as I'm at least 20 years older & usually malignant). All 3 were benign. I am grateful for every single day and every single blessing in my life and I always will be.

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