Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Bring Me Flowers - DONE!


I finished Jen Kingwell's Bring Me Flowers. I LOVE this quilt! It was one of my favorite quilts ever to make. So many different flower blocks, all sewn by hand. I enjoyed every second of the 2 years or so it took to make it. 

Have you noticed I like to make intricate, involved, tedious quilts? They are my FAVORITE! 

Yes, it's already hanging in our home. I couldn't wait to get it up on the wall! It says SPRING to me. And Spring is almost here, thank goodness.

Can you see that little piece of blue tape to the left of the quilt? We are in the midst of our 11 month punch list for our home - WOW! We've been here almost a year. We have people coming here and there to make small repairs and touch up paint. We are impressed by their prompt actions. If blue tape is low on a wall, Sadie pulls it off - haha! I've had to move a few pieces...and that's just fine with me. 

What am I reading and watching?

We recently finished streaming The Americans  (Prime Video)- SO GOOD. 
We also enjoyed Vexed on Netflix.
And we were enjoying Everwood, until we had to start paying for it. Looking for a free source.
I also like HGTV's Ty Breaker, and Welcome Home on Discovery +.

I did finish Jane Eyre. I then read Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (pen name for JK Rowling). I plan to read more of this series, but now I'm on to another classic, Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen). I'm mostly listening to books when I sew, but if Hubby is not on a walk with me, I listen then too. I'm loving listening to books!

Stay safe!!!


  1. Wow! It's so beautiful. Congrats, Julia.

  2. Your Bring Me Flowers is absolutely gorgeous, Julia! The colors you used are beautiful. I had never seen this pattern before, so I googled it and yours stands out amongst all the other images.

    Yeah, I started watching Everwood, the first season. Then I couldn't find the rest, just like you. I did find a detailed synopsis of every episode, through till the last one, and read them. Was good enough for me, LOL!

  3. Thanks for your kind words! I LOVED making this quilt! I lucked out - my daughter subscribes to HBO MAX and Everwood is there. She gave me her sign in to the account so we are back to watching it.

  4. Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL! Famulous job and workmanship looks outstanding!!!!


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