Sunday, March 7, 2021

More Houses, A New Quilt Start, and a Headboard.


There are 4 different tiny houses in this quilt. I have finished all of 3 types and am working on the 4th group. 6 more to go! Excuse my finger in the photo.

I also started (just barely) a new little quilt. I was able to get a free doll bed Saturday. We have a wonderful 'Buy Nothing' Facebook page here in Auburn. Do you have one in your city? Might want to check! Anyway, this cute little doll bed for Sadie will stay at our home and of course, it needs a little quilt.

I searched through my Pinterest pages and found this, by Maria Shell:

My little quilt only needs to be 19" x 19". I'm trying my best to do improv piecing. My brain is definitely a engineer's brain - so improv is out of my comfort zone. But sometimes it's good to step out a bit, don't you think?

And now for the headboard. Can you see how stained it was before? This happened in the last move. I watched a sweaty moving guy tuck this under his sweaty armpit. Ugh. Should have covered it first. Live and learn. I wasn't happy with the color any longer so it really didn't matter.

Cooper helped me cut the fabric. He is LOADS of help - haha!

And here we go. I had planned to do the button tufting, but ended up liking it better without. 

I have the Winter Blues quilt top folded at the foot of the bed. I'm still not done with this room. I've ordered more pillows and I have artwork to figure out. But lots of progress.

Our 2nd Covid vaccines went well. Hubby felt rough for a day, but I've been fine. 

Stay safe!


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