Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Struggling with Stars

I successfully made the intricately pieced star for the Edyta Sitar quilt. Now I'm trying to make the little stars that surround it. The top one I pieced with my machine. BIG NO! It doesn't lay flat! And it's too small. So hand pieced the middle one with 3/16" seams. Again - not right. This one measured too big. So I hand pieced the bottom one using 1/4" seams. Too little.

At this point, I finally decided to measure the little stars against the big star.  The problem is that the little stars are the correct size, BUT the big star is the wrong size, I think. So what do I do now???? UGH!!! The pattern is correct, I'm sure...it's my piecing that's the problem. I'm going to put this aside for a day or two and then come back and figure it out.

I've made several little cheddar bowtie blocks. I'll try to make a few per day. I'll need hundreds of them.

The postal service continues to annoy me. I want to support USPS - they need all the support they can get. However, they need to be more consistent. I got a ruler back in the mail yesterday with a sticker saying the contents were too rigid. WHAT? That was a first for me. I sent it out again today and hope it will go through this time. Another ruler was apparently lost somewhere along the line - I sent another one out to replace it. Please let me know if you think you should have received your ruler by now and it hasn't arrived - 

Stay safe!


  1. I'd tell Edyta you're having this problem. She might have an answer. Then Quiltsmart has a classic pack which I used to make my Lone Star. You can see it here and there's a tutorial also: https://www.quiltsmart.com/shop/Packs-Instructions--Interfacing/p/38-Lone-Star-Pack-x37082307.htm

  2. How about making the smallest block with the background pieces cut so that they have more seam allowance for fitting next to the larger star?

    BTW, thanks for sending me another ruler. Yes, it is frustrating! And, now the USPS is getting into more trouble with the ballots issue!


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