Monday, September 28, 2020

Curved Hexie Stitch Along - Part 10


These photos are a bit off kilter, but you'll get the idea. This week is EASY, as promised! First we need to use P4 - make TWO of these.

Now use S2 - make FOUR of these.

These units should be stitched to the top of the main quilt top, as shown above. You'll have this done in record time!

It's getting so big! And I have so many other things on my design wall competing with the space. I'm loving it though!

Stay safe! And don't let your pets near your needles...


  1. Could you give us a rough estimate that this quilt will measure when completed? I have a size problem at my house. TIA

    1. It won't be much larger than it is now - just filled out a bit.


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