Tuesday, September 29, 2020

A Little of This and That

I purchased Bonnie Hunter's Appalachian Autumn and have been having fun with it. The backgrounds of mine are not scrappy like hers.

I'm still working away on this. Only four half star blocks to go on this large block- I'm getting faster!

And yes, the cheddar bowties are still being made.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this story. Saturday we settled in for a long day of watching college football. During the first half of the first game (Auburn!) I was hand stitching with Mickey in my lap - very normal for us. At halftime I realized he was doing something funny with his mouth. I thought he was choking on something so I reached my hand in his mouth toward his throat to see if I could clear the passage. Well, what did I find? A needle stuck into his tongue - way back near his throat. I knew it was a needle. And I couldn't get it out.

Off we rushed to the AU Emergency Vet Clinic. We thought this would not take long. Boy were we wrong. For one thing, with Covid we were not allowed to speak with the vet until the entire ordeal was over. Vet students came to the car, took our info, and carried him in. After 5 hours of sitting in the parking lot (they asked us not to leave), watching lots of critical patients being rushed in through the door, we finally received word that they had x-rayed Mickey and didn't see anything. So we took him home. As soon as we came in the door, I reached my hand in his mouth and yes, the needle was still there.

Back we went to the vet clinic. More critical dogs came in and had to go before us. 5 more hours in the car later...we got a call from the vet. She had put him under and was so surprised to find a needle! The problem was that Mickey didn't show symptoms the vet expected - excess salivation and agitation. She said she learned a lesson as did her student. It was 11 pm before we got Mickey home.

Mickey woke up well from his anesthesia (a big worry) and is absolutely fine now! And I'm keeping better track of my needles! Lessons learned all around.

Stay safe.


  1. Glad Mickey's OK, Julia! I didn't know you were on Instagram. There's no icon anywhere on your site to click on. Otherwise, I would've been following. I did a search on Instagram and managed to find you and sent a following request.

  2. Since I no longer have a business, I don't advertise my Instagram.

  3. Isn't it frustrating when they won't listen to you! Glad he's okay. What a day for you.

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