Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Machine Quilting Day!

So far, so good...the new quilting schedule is working. Yesterday was machine quilting today. And so I made the backing for my two Christmas On Ringo Lake quilts. I used this fabric - don't you love the selvage?! I sewed a strip of red fabric down the center of this fabric for the backing of both quilts.

For those who want to know, here's the writing on the selvage so you can find some for yourself if you'd like. Click the picture to make it bigger. It says, "pattern #8170 Janelle Kent for Blank Quilting 2016 Christmas Wishes." I liked that it had a black background since I have some black on the front of the quilt.

Now these two quilts are ready for the longarm quilter.

I have another quilt already basted and ready to quilt myself on my Bernina - that will begin next Monday.

Today is the day for Midcentury Houses - tomorrow you'll see and hear more about this project.

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