Monday, June 18, 2018

Denim Cooper and A New Quilting Plan

Yesterday I finally began on a project that has been waiting in the wings for months - a portrait of Cooper made from old denim jeans. A nose and an eye - it's a start!

Here's my stash! A pile of varying shades of blue jeans. I hope to hang this at the lake house. Forever in blue jeans....

Okay. So here's the deal. Last year I had a very regimented quilting plan. This year I've been much more lackadaisical. (I had to do spellcheck on that word...) And it's simply not working. I have SO MANY quilts I want to make! And unless I make some changes I won't get to them in this lifetime. So it's time for a change!

I've made a new schedule and I hope to stick with it.

Quilting Schedule

Monday- Machine Quilting

Tuesday- Midcentury houses

Wednesday-Blue/cream plus quilt

Thursday- Christmas quilts

Friday- BOM, Accuquilt Club, SS2

Weekend: Cooper in Denim
                 Craftsy Class

Evenings: Handsewing (Bring Me Flowers)

A couple of the items are quilts I haven't started yet - but want to (Midcentury houses and a blue/cream plus quilt). I'll share more about them this week. I put aside one day for all my Christmas quilts. 

I haven't mentioned this, but I'm running a BOM program for my guild. Fridays will be my day to make a block (if needed), work on the Accuquilt Club I run at my local quilt shop, and catch up on Splendid Sampler 2. 

I'll save Denim Cooper for the weekend and work on Bring Me Flowers in the evenings. Do you see Craftsy Class listed? I caved and subscribed to Craftsy Unlimited. I hope to watch a class each weekend - doesn't matter if it's quilting, painting, cooking, or something entirely different. 

As always, if I'm too busy one day, I'll just skip that project and get to it the next week. 

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm like you. I have so many quilts I want to make and so many ufos I want to finish (but then you've done that - hooray). Life is so full right now, I'll just have to take it as it come with quilting in between. Cooper's looking good.

    1. Thanks! Life does get in the way of quilting, doesn't it?

  2. It's a good plan. Wish I had the time to implement one like that. I have a short list of must-do's. Can't worry about whether something will be done in time for QuiltFest or not. That's not why I make them, right?

  3. The Denim Cooper is fabulous!!!! I'd make that #1 on your list...fantastic!

    1. I really like this project. I'm leaving it out on the dining room table so I hope to add a piece here or there during the week.

  4. I love your denim Cooper!!!
    Greetings, Marita

  5. Julia, I have a quick question. Is there a program you use to convert a photo of Cooper to that line drawing or do you do it all freehand because you are wonderfully talented (you are!)? Did you take an art class? Thanks for any info. I just LOVE the idea of a denim photo/art quilt, but there is no way I could get in all of the shading lines by hand. Thanks again for all you do to help us on our quilting journey! Lin

  6. Yes, there is a computer program - I use Photoshop. You can use any program that will run a filter called Cutout. In Photoshop, click Filter, and then Artistic, and then Cutout. I then print the image and trace the value outlines on plain paper. I take it to a copy shop to blow it up bigger. I actually wrote my first book on this - Fabric Photo Play.


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