Tuesday, March 27, 2018

One Track Mind

This block will be finished today - the photo is dark because...it's still dark outside this morning. We are drinking coffee and waiting for the sun to come up. The doggies are sleeping by the fireplace - baby, it's COLD outside.

Here was little Mickey last night in my lap - a sweetie pie who continues to wake us up EARLY every morning. Yes, we'd rather be sleeping at the moment. 

Yesterday we had dermatologist appointments - no cutting, no freezing, great appointments! The only yearly appointment I have left is my mammogram in June. 

Back to quilting - after I finish this Bring Me Flowers block I only have TWO left and then I can work on the alternate blocks. I've had people asking me 'what's next?' - well, I have a list. Of course I do!

I want to get back on Brimfield Awakening, then there's My Small World. Oh and there's the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt - haven't touched that in some time. And my wool bird quilt. Oh my, there are so many quilts that need work! I'll get there eventually.....

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  1. Don't you just love having all those choices of which project to work on next!! Love it!


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