Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cutting and Cutting and Cutting...

For two days in a row I've been tracing templates and hand cutting (scissors) fabric for Bring Me Flowers. You may remember that I've been using a jellyroll of fabric to make this quilt. In addition to the 25 flower blocks there are alternate blocks (4 patches I've already made) that will each need four arcs appliqu├ęd around their sides.

Before I make the last 6 blocks, I took time out to cut the arcs - these are bigger pieces of fabric and I wanted to get them cut and set aside.

Yesterday I then attacked the remaining scraps above(which were dwindling!) to cut the remaining blocks. WHEW! I barely had enough fabric left. In fact I dug through my little table trash bucket, using every little snippet.  I now have kits ready to make the last 6 blocks. 

There's still plenty of work left on this quilt, but I feel good having done all the cutting.

We had a lovely Spring walk late yesterday. We're enjoying temps in the mid 50's - nothing like the poor folks up in the Northeast USA. 

Today I'll be hand sewing some of these little kits! Enjoy your day!

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  1. You are one busy lady! Love the colors!
    p.s. Had friends over for dinner...easiest dinner in my IP yet...made Jasmine Rice; Butter chicken; chocolate lava cake for dessert! YUM!!


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