Thursday, June 14, 2018

BUSY, But Not Sewing...

What started out as a simple curtain project turned into much more! I made curtains for our screened porch from two drop cloths We were simply planning to hang the rod and the curtains. And we did that. But the furniture on this porch will be going to the lake at the end of the summer. So we decided to go ahead and move it out. Then hubby hosed off the porch.

Then he decided the floor needed a fresh coat of sealer/stain. Meanwhile I went to Target and bought a new rug. It's a bit bigger than I planned to get, but it was what they had and I went with it. 

Then we moved the other furniture back in. The chairs are outdoor recliners we've had for years. the copper table has been in our family room. I'm planning to buy a rustic board to go across the top of those green bins to make a bar/serving table.

Hubby's car is sticking out a bit because the lake furniture is in front off his car...

I made tie backs from burlap ribbon and D-rings from Hobby Lobby.

 We'll enjoy this much more now - the morning sun on this side of the house can be brutal. We can drop the curtains and block some of the sun and heat when we need to do so.

Today I will SEW!

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