Sunday, June 24, 2018

Lack of Sewing....

We were lucky to have our daughter and SIL visiting here for a couple of day, so I didn't sew on Thursday or Friday and that's just fine!

I thought you might be interested in my lime tree. Look at those mushrooms that have popped up!

The detail is amazing! Nature produces gorgeous things, even when they're unwanted.

Yesterday I did one of my Friday activities - I made a little owl in preparation for my next Accuquilt Club meeting. Cute, huh?

Today I might work on Denim Cooper and maybe I'll work on the next Splendid Sampler 2 block. I won't be machine quilting tomorrow because we're taking a quick trip to B'ham to check on my MIL - she had a heart attack a few days ago. No worries; she's back at home and doing well now.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Modern Plus Signs

So here is my new Wednesday project. I've had this book for a few months and have been wanting to make one of the projects.

I had this pile of lovely fat quarters that I've been dying to cut into - Edyta Sitar Blue Barn. Yummy!

I picked out this pattern from the book.

And I got to work! My quilt all be different from the pattern in that my backgrounds will vary - some will be blue and some will be cream... this! I think each week I'll plan to make one big cross and two little ones. Sounds like a plan!

By the way, I found a mistake in the pattern - a mistake in the cutting directions - it happens. I'll let the author know.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Midcentury Modern Homes

This is a Carolyn Friedlander pattern called "Outhouse." But I'm calling them Midcentury Modern Homes. I was shopping with a friend at a quilt shop in the Atlanta area. I love the pattern, but was hesitant to get it. The houses are paper pieced - ugh! The houses are TINY - ugh!

But my friend convinced me to get it. "Make the blocks bigger," she said. "Add in some plain squares with no houses on them," she said. Okay!

So first I had to blow up the pattern. It took me an hour or so to get it right.

And then I made this block. There was frustration and gnashing of teeth involved. I messed up time and time again. More paper. More fabric. I think now that I have made one it will get easier. I hope!

Each block will have different fabrics (of course!). My block finishes at about 8"x8", about twice the size as the original pattern. This quilt will be a gift for someone who doesn't read my blog. I have a few gift quilts I want to make, so I might as well get started.

I would like to aim for two blocks per week. Because of time spent sizing up the pattern and messing up several times I only made one. But two is very doable for the future.  I'm shooting for 20 blocks.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Machine Quilting Day!

So far, so good...the new quilting schedule is working. Yesterday was machine quilting today. And so I made the backing for my two Christmas On Ringo Lake quilts. I used this fabric - don't you love the selvage?! I sewed a strip of red fabric down the center of this fabric for the backing of both quilts.

For those who want to know, here's the writing on the selvage so you can find some for yourself if you'd like. Click the picture to make it bigger. It says, "pattern #8170 Janelle Kent for Blank Quilting 2016 Christmas Wishes." I liked that it had a black background since I have some black on the front of the quilt.

Now these two quilts are ready for the longarm quilter.

I have another quilt already basted and ready to quilt myself on my Bernina - that will begin next Monday.

Today is the day for Midcentury Houses - tomorrow you'll see and hear more about this project.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Denim Cooper and A New Quilting Plan

Yesterday I finally began on a project that has been waiting in the wings for months - a portrait of Cooper made from old denim jeans. A nose and an eye - it's a start!

Here's my stash! A pile of varying shades of blue jeans. I hope to hang this at the lake house. Forever in blue jeans....

Okay. So here's the deal. Last year I had a very regimented quilting plan. This year I've been much more lackadaisical. (I had to do spellcheck on that word...) And it's simply not working. I have SO MANY quilts I want to make! And unless I make some changes I won't get to them in this lifetime. So it's time for a change!

I've made a new schedule and I hope to stick with it.

Quilting Schedule

Monday- Machine Quilting

Tuesday- Midcentury houses

Wednesday-Blue/cream plus quilt

Thursday- Christmas quilts

Friday- BOM, Accuquilt Club, SS2

Weekend: Cooper in Denim
                 Craftsy Class

Evenings: Handsewing (Bring Me Flowers)

A couple of the items are quilts I haven't started yet - but want to (Midcentury houses and a blue/cream plus quilt). I'll share more about them this week. I put aside one day for all my Christmas quilts. 

I haven't mentioned this, but I'm running a BOM program for my guild. Fridays will be my day to make a block (if needed), work on the Accuquilt Club I run at my local quilt shop, and catch up on Splendid Sampler 2. 

I'll save Denim Cooper for the weekend and work on Bring Me Flowers in the evenings. Do you see Craftsy Class listed? I caved and subscribed to Craftsy Unlimited. I hope to watch a class each weekend - doesn't matter if it's quilting, painting, cooking, or something entirely different. 

As always, if I'm too busy one day, I'll just skip that project and get to it the next week. 

Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Missing Blocks...

There were no blocks missing after all! I had a couple of rows lined up incorrectly. So all is well! That was the good news. The not-so-good news is that I still have a lot of arcs to appliqué. The first quilt border has more four patches with arcs. But at least there are only two arcs per four patch instead of four like the others.

Yesterday I made the remaining four patches and have the appropriate arcs pinned in place. I also made the four corner units (flying geese) and pinned the appropriate arcs on them. After I complete all these arcs...there is still one more border. But it will simply be pieced and should go quickly.

So my other accomplishment of the day was thinking about the Splendid Sampler 2. I decided to go for it with my Kaffe stash. I'll be going for a rainbow setting eventually and will need 60 of the 100 blocks. So if there is a block I don't like along the way, I'll just skip it! Go to this link to see what I have in mind - I really like this setting with the nine patches. 

I pulled reds for the first block and here it is. I don't have many lights in Kaffe so I decided to use white grunge for these. I'll need more of this grunge to keep it going through out the quilt. 

So yes, I had a productive day! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Missing Blocks?

As of last night I only had one of the arc blocks left to appliqué. So I laid out all the blocks and what did I find? Some gaps! There seem to be a few missing arc blocks. ARGHH! I know they are around here somewhere. Today's task is to find them. And I also want to layout the blocks for the perimeter and get them ready for appliqué. Wish me luck!

Last night's dinner was Chicken with Lemon Butter Caper Sauce. OH MY! SO GOOD! I did cut back on the butter in the recipe a bit. We loved it! 

Have you seen that the Splendid Sampler 2 is beginning? I had some friends make the first Splendid Sampler and I loved their quilts. Do I dare? Are you in? And then there's the fabric. If I dive into this...what fabrics do I use? My Kaffe Fassett stash? Or a color theme? Or should I pick a focus fabric and pull colors from it?  Decisions, decisions... I'll think about this today. 

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

BUSY, But Not Sewing...

What started out as a simple curtain project turned into much more! I made curtains for our screened porch from two drop cloths We were simply planning to hang the rod and the curtains. And we did that. But the furniture on this porch will be going to the lake at the end of the summer. So we decided to go ahead and move it out. Then hubby hosed off the porch.

Then he decided the floor needed a fresh coat of sealer/stain. Meanwhile I went to Target and bought a new rug. It's a bit bigger than I planned to get, but it was what they had and I went with it. 

Then we moved the other furniture back in. The chairs are outdoor recliners we've had for years. the copper table has been in our family room. I'm planning to buy a rustic board to go across the top of those green bins to make a bar/serving table.

Hubby's car is sticking out a bit because the lake furniture is in front off his car...

I made tie backs from burlap ribbon and D-rings from Hobby Lobby.

 We'll enjoy this much more now - the morning sun on this side of the house can be brutal. We can drop the curtains and block some of the sun and heat when we need to do so.

Today I will SEW!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Catching Up

Accuquilt Club was fun on Saturday - in the photo I had set up my table before everyone arrived.

I spent most of the day yesterday organizing some things in my sewing room and hand stitching more arcs on Bring Me Flowers. I will finish these this week! I know I'll still have a few more arcs to appliqué on the border, but these blocks with four arcs are almost complete!

I'm still buying stuff for the lake house. I found these outdoor chairs to go around the table on the screened porch - from Target. I still have a list of things to procure: more mattress covers, new sheets, dishes and glassware, a TV name a few. Slowly but surely.

Friday, June 8, 2018


I spent a bit of time this week gathering my supplies for the Accuquilt Club meeting tomorrow. We should have a fun time talking about all the many things you can do with circle dies. I adore circle dies!!!!

I've been doing some appliqué this week on the Bring Me Flowers arcs - the end is near! I would love to finish this quilt top by the end of summer. It's doable.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Simple Pillow

I made a simple little pillow yesterday. I wanted to make a sample for the next Accuquilt Club meeting, so I decided to use greens and grays to match one of the bedrooms at the lake house. Easy peasy and done!

This morning I saw this blog post about the "I Am Enough" quilt-along happening later this year. I liked the look of the quilt and I think it will be a good stash buster. Yes, I signed up! It doesn't begin until late September and who know how busy I'll be then, but it's free so why not!?

Today I need to drop off a pile of outdoor cushions for the lake house to be reupholstered. And then a trip to the grocery store. I think I'll only do hand sewing today.

Hubby and I went to Target late yesterday afternoon and bought some boring stuff for the lake place - mattress pads - yup. The price adds up when you have to buy a lot of these. But they were on clearance, so that helped. We also bought two LONG curtain rods - one for our screened porch here at the cottage and one for one side of the screened porch at the lake. I plan to make outdoor curtains from drop cloths for both porches.

UPDATE: Here's the correct link for the quilt along:

Enjoy your day!

Monday, June 4, 2018

New Bedford: Finished FINALLY!

Hard to believe, but this is my FIRST quilt finish for the year. If you remember, I made it last year, had it quilted last year, and even machine stitched the binding in place last year. 

A few days ago I finally decided it was time to do the hand sewing on the binding. 

We drove to the lake Saturday and I worked on it going and coming. So there wasn't much to finish yesterday. 

This quilt will live on a bed at the lake house - I figured that as fast as the house remodel is coming along that this quilt needs to be done. And now it is!

So what's happening now at the lake? Most of the interior painting is done. Bathroom tiles are in place but need grout. Exterior chimney is being covered with stacked stone - about 1/3 done. This week the chimney will be finished and the exterior painting will be done. I can't wait for the new kitchen to start going in!

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Pillow Talk

Okay. So yesterday this pillow was going to be finished. I was determined! I had to find something round to trace in order to trim the pillow top. Lamp shade to the rescue!

Next I had to pin the trim in place. Do you see something odd here? There was apparently a manufacturing issue - two navy pompoms in a row. I went with it.

And I sewed the back on and stuffed it. BOOM! DONE!

I'm glad I made it, but I'm more glad that it's done!

 Haha! I have a few more lake house pillows to make but they will be easy. I like easy.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Pillow Progress

I'm determined to finish this pillow. I'd earlier planned to use white fabric in the center, but I changed my mind. That center circle? I appliquéd it in place. The outer rim? I appliquéd it in place, too. This was one of those times where my machine wouldn't do as good a job as good old handwork.

I decided not to get it monogrammed. So I should be almost done, I hope! Today I'll trim this up and stitch it to a round back, stuff it, and call it done. I hope to show the finished product tomorrow!

We've been dog sitting one of our grand-dogs this weeks. Cooper loves him and has been happy to share his bed. 

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

On Ringo Lake - TIMES TWO!

While I was on a roll...I got busy and finished the borders for the second ORL Christmas quilt. I had to take a picture of both of them together just to prove I did actually make this TWICE! Haha!

Christmas blocks for miles!

If I had put the second quilt aside for a few weeks I know I would have dreaded going back to it. Get it done now! These quilts measure 56" by 66". They will be perfect at the foot of matching twin beds or as lap quilts.

Have you ever made two matching quilts? This was a first for me!

I still need to prepare the backings, but not today. I have a few parts and pieces leftover - I plan to make a table runner with them.

And then there's the overflowing box of parts and pieces to make On Ringo Lake in Bonnie's original colors. I think I have a plan for them and it will look even less like On Ringo Lake than these two Christmas quilts.

I haven't decided what I'll work on today - I need to update my spreadsheet!

Have a great day!

Monday, May 28, 2018

On Ringo Lake -

Woohoo! I finished one of two of my On Ringo Lake Christmas quilts. The second quilt is ready for it's last two borders - hopefully I'll make progress on them today.

As much as I gripe and groan whilst making a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, I am always happy with the outcome - especially this one where I put it together my own way. The border turned out fun, didn't it?

Enjoy your Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Pillow Project

Stick with me...this is a long story. Last year I saw this adorable pillow available from the Magnolia shop - yes, Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper - THAT Magnolia. I love the pattern and I love the different colored ball fringe. A couple of days later I tried to order one and it was sold out. Never came back in stock. 

I'm planning to decorate the remodeled lake house in pale gray, navy, and white. The pillow above is black and white, but would have worked. Maybe I can make one??????

I happened upon a used copy of this older John Flynn book while I was in Paducah last month. Hmmm, maybe the basis of a paper pieced pillow? I bought some cotton twill (heavier than quilting cotton) in navy and white and took it to retreat along with the patterns from the book I had copied on my printer.

This is what I have so far.  I plan to add a white center circle and have it monogrammed. I'll add a outer ring of navy. The back side of the pillow will be navy and yes, I'll add a ball fringe around the perimeter.

Now I also saw this quilt, Blue Bull's Eye by Becky Goldsmith, at Paducah. The center of this would make a fantastic round pillow! 

I looked up the pattern when I came home - Becky Goldsmith has a new book coming out with the pattern, but not until October. Until then, I think my pillow will be just fine. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I've sewn some on the borders for my Christmas On Ringo Lake quilts - slowly but surely. Hope to have these tops finished soon.

Alberto is headed our way so we'll have lots of rain this week; lots of sewing should happen!

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 24, 2018


I'm making progress on the arc appliqué for Bring Me Flowers! I'm officially past the halfway mark. I had a fabulous day yesterday of hand stitching these and then I stitched more last night. 

Today I need to do some machine stitching - just a bit. And I'd like to get on those borders for my Christmas On Ringo Lake quilts. And we may run up to the lake to check on the progress there. Sounds like a busy day, but I slept late this morning so I'm ready to hit the ground running!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Back From Retreat

Man, am I tired!!!! But retreat was so much fun, as usual! I can't believe this is the only picture I took of my hard work there. Oh well...I'll share a better picture when I finish the quilt(s). Yes, this is my version of On Ringo Lake in Christmas colors. I didn't set it on point - and I added plain sashing, saving the pieced sashing pieces for the border. My friends helped me with the border - one friend especially - thanks, Ann! We are calling the red units in the border 'baubles'. I decided to make TWO Christmas quilts from all these blocks. They will be cute at the foot of the twin beds at the lake house.

I had enough blocks to make 2 quilts that have 20 blocks, along with all the borders. Unfortunately I didn't bring any of the lighter green fabric that I want to use in the border - see that little strip? But both quilts are put together, ready for the border. I also pieced all the 'baubles', so the border is ready to put together. It won't take long to finish these tops now! I plan to hire a friend to quilt them for me.

It was wonderful to have a few days of non-stop sewing to get these two quilts to this point! Of course, I still have all the parts and pieces of On Ringo Lake in Bonnie's colors...I'm not even excited about attacking them. I have a feeling that when I do pull out that box that it will end up looking NOTHING like On Ringo Lake. Haha! I do think I have a plan though.....

We stopped at a quilt shop in McDonough, GA on the way to retreat and another one in Decatur, GA on the way back. Of course, I didn't NEED anything. But I managed to find stuff to buy at both shops.   When you see something you've never seen... you'd better grab it, right? A quilter's mentality...

I'll share my purchases soon.....

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Why is This so Hard??? (Retreat packing)

I've been fretting about what to take to retreat later this week. I've have projects piled up on the guest bed. Every few hours I take one project out and add another in its place. Maybe it would be nice to work on this one? Or should I take that one? What about the other one?

I've never had so much dilemma over what what to take!!!!

What I've finally decided is that in order for a project to go along with has to pass the 'think' test. Retreat is perfect for mindless sewing. Lots of machine piecing. You don't want to have to  think too much, right? I'll be spending 3.5 days with some of my very best friends. We'll be talking away the hours. I don't want to have to think!

So here's what has made the cut:

On Ringo Lake - both.
You may remember I made all the parts and pieces twice - one quilt in Christmas colors and one in Bonnie's colors.

Bring Me Flowers.
I'm bringing the stack of blocks that need arcs appliquéd - in case I get tired of machine sewing.

My Small World.
I've only made one block for this quilt. But I think I'll take it to relieve the endless chain piecing that On Ringo Lake will require.

In From the Cold
What is this???!!!!  I've had this quilt on my radar for quite some time. Find the free pattern HERE. Yes, it's another Christmas quilt! I'm going to have a pile of Christmas quilts in the next couple of years.... I've had a huge fat quarter pack of fabric in my stash that is perfect for this quilt. This will be another 'relieve-the-monotony-of-On-Ringo-Lake' project.

I think that will be just right!

I did something I rarely do yesterday. I watched a movie all by myself - it was the Prince Harry and Meagan Markle story. I love this pillow I spotted in the movie! Would it be pretty in blues and grays for the lake house? I have lots of pillows I want to make - thought about making pillow covers at retreat, but then I thought again - too much thinking involved!!! Haha!