Thursday, August 2, 2018

Plugging Away!

I'm still a bit off my quilting schedule, but I'm doing what I can. Monday I made binding for two quilts - stay tuned! - and did a bit of machine quilting. I'm hoping to sew this binding on the quilts today, maybe??? hopefully???

And I did make the latest Splendid Sampler block. These are challenging little blocks! I did not do EPP as instructed; I hand pieced this and then appliqu├ęd it in place. I know - I like to make it even harder don't I? Haha!

Things are hectic around here! We have lots to do in preparation for moving in to the lake house. We will probably go there today to check on progress (if the rain lets up).

Here in Alabama, Books A Million had an amazing sale yesterday. All books except children's were on sale with coupon for a penny per page. Yes, we went. We bought 6 books - there was no limit! The lines were long, but we moved through pretty quickly. I heard the line was two and half hours long later in the day! Whew!

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  1. Where book sales are concerned, always best to go early! =) I hope your binding is finished. The block looks great, and I'll bet it didn't take much more time than the other way, and might have been much less stressful for you.