Friday, August 17, 2018

I'm Fine!!!

Thanks so much for all the emails to make sure I'm okay. I'm fine! I've heard from sweet readers from all over the world. Just been busy with home life and lake stuff. Since I last showed you the dark brown beams, I should show you the new color. I like this much better!!!! It's a pretty gray and looks great with the floors. I'm happy! No more beam dreams!

I haven't been sewing - almost nothing done on that front! But that's okay - sometimes life gets in the way!

We'll be moving into the lake house in several days. Yay! Yes, we will still keep our cottage in the Auburn area. This is why we downsized a couple of years ago - we knew the lake house would be ours and didn't want a big house in Auburn. Now we own two small homes and will go back and forth between the two on a whim. Someone will be living in our cottage while we are at the lake home for a couple of months. But we will still be back and forth often and as needed. There will always be a free bedroom for us at the cottage. I'm still trying to decide what sewing projects to take with me to the lake. I want to take them all!

That's it from here - just wanted to check in and let you know I'm fine!

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