Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cooper, in Watercolor

Did you guess that I was going to try my hand at watercolor painting yesterday? I've been pinning dog portraits on Pinterest for years. I bought a Craftsy class on painting watercolor pet portraits over a year ago and never watched it. Friday I watched most of the class and purchased the supplies at Hobby Lobby. I picked out a photo of Cooper to work from.

Here Cooper was yesterday am helping me get started (and trying to steal my eraser). 

And here's a shot of my portrait under the original photograph. What do you think? I really had fun painting this. It took hours, but was still MUCH faster than making a quilted portrait. I'm still trying to decide whether to paint the background or just leave it.

I think I'll try more of these. I suppose Mickey will be next up! The moral of this story is: don't ever stop trying new things - life long learning!

I also worked on a zippered pouch. The sewing part was easy. The zippered part? Not so easy! The instructor made it look so simple, but I struggled with it for a couple of hours. Finally, late last night I realized what I was doing wrong. Yippee!!!! I had the zipper pull upside down - no wonder. I'll never make that mistake again, I assure you. Today I'll finish up that little zippered pouch and maybe make another one or two.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

My Winnings

Here's the wonderful door prize I won at Thursday's quilt guild meeting:

-Kaffe Fassett book
-Adorable (!) dish towel
-TWO patterns
-TWO charm packs
-Moda tin

What a haul! So many goodies for me to love and use!

Yesterday afternoon I packed up my fabric, hexie papers, thread, scissors, and thimble and off we went to the baseball game! We had great seats and the weather was perfect - warm and sunny. I pulled my sewing bag from my purse and realized I had forgotten a needle. Big oops!!!

No worries. I settled in and enjoyed the game. We had a great time.

Cooper decided to give Mickey a nice bath yesterday - you can see that Mickey is enjoying it.

So what's on tap for today? It's rainy here - a really good excuse to stay inside and sew. And that's exactly what I plan to do. I want to make a new-to-me zippered bag or two today. And also find some time to hexie.

Plus I'm going to delve into something different - a different form of art... It's something I tried years ago and haven't tried it in a long time. I bought some supplies yesterday. Do I have your curiosity up?  Well, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to learn more about this.

Okay, peeps...bring on the coffee! Let's get this day going!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Border Dilemma...

Okay. I'd already cut a bunch of fabric for the border. So I started sewing it together. BUT, when I laid a small section beside the quilt I realized it was not matching. Do you see what I mean? The 'peak' of the border is not in the center of the block. At first glance it looks fine, but I knew it would drive me crazy.

I knew I needed another strip in each block section of the border. But how to do this when I already had a peak?

I tried this - I sewed a square diagonally to the top of the 'peak' strip. Then I added another strip sewn in the mirrored image.

Yes, I think I like this.

So I kept going. Yes, this symmetry appeals to my OCD self. And I've definitely never seen a border like this one. In the last picture I have two long strips of Grunge surrounding the border, like it will be in the quilt.

The only problem I'm having with this now is the color of the Grunge. Don't get me wrong, I do love it. But I want some of it within the quilt...not just dominating the border. Hmm....

I'm thinking of making Grunge yo-yo's to appliqué in all the cornerstones. What do you think? This quilt is becoming like the book, "If You Give a Moose a Muffin." It never ends...

Last night was our guild meeting. Guess who won the door prize ---- ME! I'll share my goodies tomorrow.

It's HEXIE day! I have a pile of fabric cut and ready to baste. AND we have tickets to the afternoon season opener baseball game! In my world, hexies and baseball games go together - it's easy for me to make hexies at a baseball game - or should I call it a 'baste'ball game? Ha!

En Provence....Slowly, But Surely

I made more sashing pieces yesterday and sewed them in between the remaining blocks. What you see here is in two big pieces. I was hoping I'd be able to finish the top next week, but I think it will take another week as well.  Getting there!

I also made two dresdens, but I left out the beginning step...ugh! I can't believe I forgot to make the pointed ends.  Didn't have my head on straight, I guess. They will have to be 'un-sewed' before I fix them. You know how it goes: one step forward and two back - it happens to us all sometimes!

Today hopefully I'll get going on the border for Autumn Garden. And maybe I'll rip out those dresden and have a do-over. And maybe I'll take a nap....ahhh, sounds like a good day!

Can it really be Thursday already? This week is flying by.

Have a good one, y'all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What!? No Sewing Pictures!

Can you believe its? I didn't sew yesterday! What!?

It was Valentines Day, after all. Hubby and I spent most of the day together. This vehicle was on display in front of the restaurant where we ate lunch.

I think I'll pass on riding in this - I'll call it a piece of art instead of a vehicle though it did have a motor.

Here's our first bloom of the season - more to come I hope!

Okay, so here are the spiralized sweet potatoes 'fries' from our dinner last night. They tasted better than they look, thank goodness! I think I need a better spiralizer - haha! The burgers were delicious and I even had a half glass of wine. Even with all that I stayed within my calories. Let's just say I'm getting used to going to bed hungry - always hungry at's worth it though.

Since I didn't sew yesterday, today I plan to have a marathon day: dresdens and En Provence and who knows what else! Are you with me? Let's go sew!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Machine Quilting and Another Birdie

I machine quilted for two hours yesterday morning. Yay me! Bliss is looking so good - and I'm about 4/5 complete with quilting, except for the border. I'm thinking two more quilting sessions should do it - I hope to finish the quilt by the end of the month!

And last night - yes, I finished Bird 3. I'll take a break on birds for a few days to work on other hand sewing projects. One of my empty Rodan and Fields boxes is a perfect fit for these finished blocks - so I'm stacking them there for now.

How many pairs of scissors does it take to do hand sewing? Oh my - I have FIVE pairs of scissors beside my chair! It's probably overkill, but I do use them all for different things. And hubby has 14 golf clubs in his bag - so whatever! Haha!

Rodan and Fields

A bit of news to share - I got my first 'paycheck' yesterday! I wasn't even expecting a paycheck, much less such a big one - especially since I've spent so little time on this endeavor. But it sure was nice!

I've been thinking. I had planned to use any money I make from R and F as my quilting play money. But I've changed my mind. I don't really need quilting play money. We are so very fortunate to have been able to retire without financial worries. I've decided to donate all my profits (after paying for my own skincare) to charity. And that makes me happy! St. Jude Hospital will receive my first donation - a worthy cause.

And so in summary:
-I'm now using premium skincare products
-I feel so much better about my skin!
-I get a big discount on my own products.
-I can list my own products as a tax deduction
-I'm helping others by sharing the R and F products.
-I'm able to donate my profits to wonderful charities.
Lots of wins here!

Okay, enough of that. I thought I'd spend a bit of time telling about some of the products. Today I want to share the Reverse regimen. I've had my hubby using Reverse for about a month so far. He had some age/sun spots that were more and more obvious. Though I'm not sharing his before/after yet, here's one to show the results you can achieve. I will say that I can already see DRASTIC improvement in hubby's skin.

Exposure to the sun and environment can accelerate early signs of aging, including dullness, discoloration and uneven skin tone. Clean the slate and see a brighter future for your skin with the REVERSE Brightening Regimen.
Based on our Multi-Med® Therapy, REVERSE Brightening Regimen is a complete skincare system that combines cosmetic and OTC ingredients to visibly brighten and even discolored skin. The highly effective formulas contain Vitamin C and Retinol to provide a long-term solution for a more radiant, even complexion.
The REVERSE Brightening Regimen includes:
Should you ever have any questions for me, feel free to ask. Or go to to look around.
Happy Valentines Day to you all!

I hope you have a fun day! Hubby and I have plans - the weather is beautiful today so we're planning to go for a long walk on campus and then a walk to a restaurant for lunch. And tonight? With this all this healthy eating, what the one thing I really crave??? A cheeseburger and fries! Oh, how I miss this! So we're going to grill out burgers - I can make them healthier than a fast food joint. We'll have them on whole wheat buns. And I plan to spiralize a sweet potato to make baked 'fries.'

Have a heart filled day!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cutting Fabric

Yesterday I decided to cut the border pieces for Autumn Garden. First I had to figure out the measurements - I ended up cutting the Kaffe strips at 4.5" long and I cut the Grunge strips at 1.5" and 2.5". All of these strips are 2.5" wide. 

And here's what a small section looks like before stitching. I packed the pieces back up until I'm ready to stitch them - I believe that will be on Thursday. Can you tell I'm more organized about my quilting than I used to be? It's amazing how having a smaller sewing room helps me. I simply don't have room to leave things lying around.

I also did a bit of hand stitching last night - just a bit.

Last night was for the bugs... we got back from a long hike with Cooper. I sat down in my chair and began itching. I told Hubby I was going to put my nightgown on before supper because I felt like I had bugs crawling on my back. Before I made it all the way to the bedroom to change I reached up my shirt to scratch and came out with a lively tick pinched in my fingers! EEK! So glad I got him before he attached himself to me.

Then about an hour later we were watching a movie (London Has Fallen). Suddenly Cooper jumped up from his bed in the corner and was after something. It was hard to spot on the rug, but we finally saw it - a nice BIG spider! Hubby got it and we credited Cooper for finding it. Good boy! And now...time to spray for bugs! Hopefully Hubby will do that TODAY! By the way, the movie (on Netflix) was really good if you like action movies!

Today is for machine quilting! I've got Bliss out and ready to go. I'm hoping I make lots of progress!

Have a wonderful Monday!