Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What Day is it?

I'm having trouble figuring out what day it is. Do you ever have a week like that? Okay, it's Wednesday - I've got it now.

I decided to use a bed as the staging area for my car cramming session (which will take place tomorrow). What will need at the new house the first night? Toilet paper! Paper towels. Sheets for the bed. Towels and bathmat. Check.

We will not have a refrigerator until next Wednesday (because we get 10% off if we're patient) so I'll pack some pop top soups - the kind you zap in the microwave and drink straight out of the can. And some crackers. And granola bars. Oh, the list keep growing!

I finished my beaded 'mother of the bride' belt yesterday. These belts are made for someone who is a size 2, I think. I am not a size 2. So I bought two belts. You may remember I dyed them navy last week. Yesterday I hand stitched them together to make one belt which fits me perfectly. I also used some fabric glue to help hold everything together.  

Today I plan to make some tiny "belt loops" to hand stitch inside the shoulder seams of my 'mother of the bride' dress to hold my bra straps in place. That will finish my outfit! I bought some snazzy shoes to wear down the aisle - gold sparkly heels. I'm packing up some flats to wear during the reception - I know I can't walk in the heels for a long time. One of the daughters has already claimed the heels as soon as the wedding is over.

I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The History of Hexies...

I'm sure you've all heard of Barbara Brackman - quilt historian. She has an interesting article on her blog today about the history of hexagons in quilts. Go check it out!

3 days until home closing
7 days until graduation
11 days until wedding

Today I want to start packing some of the things I brought to the lake: clothes, fabric, etc. Let's see how much I can cram fit in my car!

Monday, May 2, 2016


I had 3 nice pictures ready to go, but Blogger is not letting me add them this morning. So use your imagination!

This will be our last Monday am at the lake for a bit. We're counting down to our house closing on Friday! We will be living at the cottage with only a mattress set and some outdoor furniture for a couple of weeks. And we won't even have a refrigerator for several days. Basically, we'll be camping in the cottage. Haha! We will try to get our Internet connected quickly.

And we're counting down to Daughter 2's Pharmacy School graduation - just over a week away.

And we're counting down to Daughter 2's wedding - less than two weeks away.

The strange thing is that this week will be less busy than last week - go figure! All our plans are coming together nicely.

Today's plan is to nip in my 'mother of the bride' dress just a bit. I tried it on and it's just a bit too big - a good problem! I decided not to order a smaller size - I can fix it myself. I also want to work on my crafted beaded belt.

Have a great day!!!

Saturday, April 30, 2016


This was a SUPER BUSY week! But all is well. I took this photo yesterday afternoon, sitting on a bench at the Auburn University Arboretum. This is the bench where Hubby proposed to me almost 33 years ago. Now we've come full circle - Daughter 2 had her bridal portraits taken here yesterday. I went with her for her hair and makeup appointments. Then Hubby, Daughter 1, and I all helped with the photography session. It takes a village. Big success!

We had our final walk-through for the new home yesterday morning. All the items we asked for are in progress. We'll do a final FINAL walk-through just before closing next week. In between the home walk through and the photos, we bought a washer and dryer and refrigerator for the new home. We can fit a lot into one day!

Today I'll be working on the table toppers for the tables at the wedding - they are almost done. And laundry - must do laundry!

I haven't forgotten that I need to post the instructions for the next section of Bliss, but it's not happening just yet. Please be patient - it's coming.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Today's Project...

Today I worked on a wedding project - no surprise! I'll be wearing a navy lace dress. I wanted to add a bit of bling, so I found these beaded belts. The only problem is that the stark white background doesn't look good against the dress.

So I bought some navy dye and went to work this morning.

And here's the final product, drying in the sun. I have more beads that I think I'll sew on to bling it out even more. I think this will look much better against the dress.

Yesterday's Auburn trip resulted in clean teeth, a clean car (inside and out), a trip to Target and Hobby Lobby, and a couple of other errands.

Tomorrow I'm headed back to Auburn again: final walk through for our new home and helping Daughter 2 with her bridal portraits. Fun day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fun Mail Day!

I had ordered some fabric samples and I got them yesterday! OMG! I adore them!!!! This seems to be a new company and their website went up about a week ago in the UK. Here's the address:

My favorite design is obviously the dachshunds, but she also has elephants, cats, giraffes, and flowers. The designs come in a variety of fabrics - the samples I received are cotton sateen and linen. 100% cotton is also available.

I'll be placing an order soon! I plan on ordering the linen to make some new pillows for the cottage. Won't that be adorable???!!!! And I may have to have some of the 100% cotton to put in a quilt. 

I'm off to Auburn this morning - dental appointment and then I'm meeting one of the wedding vendors for a quick hand off. And maybe I'll run into Walmart for a few things. 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Word of the Year: MOVING

So many quilt bloggers pick a word to inspire their year. I don't ever do that, but if I would have to be MOVING.

In February we moved out of our Auburn home when we sold it. Over the last two days we helped Daughter 2 move out of the condo. (Yes, we are selling it too - it's under contract and will close in a few weeks.) And up next (in a few weeks) we'll be moving into our new home.

This latest move went well. We realized on Saturday that the trailer I'd rented was not going to fit everything. So I went back to U-Haul and rented a 15 ft. truck. Yes, I drove a big truck! I only drove it from the U-Haul store to the condo though. Both the trailer and the truck were loaded by some really nice moving guys. We drove back to the lake with all the stuff and got a good night's sleep. Then yesterday we left early for Tuscaloosa in a caravan: I drove hubby's SUV pulling a 12 foot trailer, Daughter 2 drove her car, and hubby drove the truck.  We had more moving hired in Tuscaloosa to unload everything.

The only casualty was a table - the top pulled away from a leg - it's an easy repair and will be good as new! Oh, and a couple of lamp shades were crushed - again - easy to replace.

We took a lunch break mid-afternoon - the ORIGINAL Dreamland for the BEST ribs EVER! YUM! We really pigged out - no pun intended.

Hubby and I drove back to the lake last night, a bit tired, but happy with another thing marked off our list.

Today I'll be doing some list making, organizing, and planning.