Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's All About the Baste!

I basted a PILE of hexies last night. Such fun! Today I'll stitch them together. LOVING my new Curved Hexie Ruler!!!!!!

I've been getting some questions about the ruler - so let me try to answer them all here:

1. How much will it cost?

Suggested retail price will be $20.00.

2. Do I have to have the ruler to make BLISS?

No, you don't! BUT, it would make life much easier for you! I'm sure you're aware of other hexie quilt-a-longs in which you must buy expensive, intricately cut paper pieces. For BLISS, there will NOT BE A SOURCE to buy such papers. You can simply buy any 2" hexie papers (or my new water soluble papers) and use the ruler to cut your own papers with a rotary cutter. You'll be using the ruler over and over to quickly cut HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS, of unique curved hexagon designs. The ruler can also be used to cut your fabric. So in the end, an investment of $20 for the ruler will save lots of money in the future in intricate paper pieces.

3. Where will the ruler be available?

Starting in early 2016, the Curved Hexie Ruler will be available on my website, Once production is well underway, I'll place the ruler with a distributer so it will be available in you local quilt store before too long.

Let me know if you have other questions....

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hexies and Thanksgiving and a Dog

I'm basting these hexies this morning while I drink my coffee. Yes, I'm glue basting! Yes, I'm using my new water soluble paper! (Available to you in January!) These sizes are 1" and 1/2".

And who is this little sweetie, you ask? I'm going to visit her this afternoon at the humane society with my future SIL. He and I have been given the responsibility to decide if she will be a good fit for Daughter 2 and future SIL. Because sometimes being practical is not the best decision. Sometimes you need to bunk the system and go with your heart. And that's what we plan to do! 

Yesterday was so productive! I did LOTS of Hexie Love computer work. Plus I ran a couple of errands and picked fabric for a 2016 BOM. 

This morning I have a long list of work items to accomplish! And I need to thaw the dough for the Thanksgiving rolls. And I need to thaw the sweet potato casserole that I made last week. And I need to see about the turkey - can't decide when to roast it. Should I do it today? Or wait until Thursday morning. Or maybe tomorrow afternoon? Hmmmm..... So much to do!!! But all good stuff!

Have a great day, y'all!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Ready to SEW!

I picked up my Featherweight from the friend who had been tuning her up. She's sewing great!!!!

I decided I wanted to keep her downstairs - not up in my studio. So hubby and I brought in an antique desk from another room and set her up behind a sofa in the living room. This was my desk when I was growing up. My father traveled overseas a good bit in his career and often bought antiques and had them shipped home. So I think the Featherweight is perfect on the desk!

Did you notice the background in the photo? There is Mickey, peaking out from a quilt in the chair. Prince is buried beneath that quilt. And there is Cooper, taking a little nappy in the other recliner.

I didn't get much, if any, sewing done over the weekend - too busy cooking, watching football, doing laundry, etc. So today I'll get back at my work - yay! I have some computer work to do, also.

We had an exciting night around here last night. We heard a helicopter circling overhead and noticed it was shining search lights all around us. EEK! This went on for about an hour. Turns out the police busted an illegal gambling site not far from out neighborhood and people ran. Whew!

We don't have long to go before I reveal the LAST BOM pattern for 2016! I have had fun with this quilt and hope you have as well. Next year's BOM has a Folk Art feel - you'll love it!

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Football! (Warning: Photo Heavy...)

We did decide to go to the game at the last minute; we compromised: "Let's go, but leave after half time..." Perfect plan!

It was Military Appreciation night - a fabulous display of patriotism!

While the band was on the field for pre-game, we spotting this in the distance.


And closer...

What an amazing flyover!

We had a great time!

And as we left the stadium, we saw a gorgeous sunset!

So glad we went. But we were both exhausted later. We watched the rest of the game on TV and went to bed at 8:30.

Today I have a bit of cooking to do and an errand or two. BUT I'm counting on getting some hexie stitching time later...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Cooking

This is what I've been doing this morning: making a BIG mess in the kitchen!

I'm doing a bit of pre-Thanksgiving cooking: sweet potato casserole, Southern Cornbread Dressing, plus two chicken casseroles, a double batch of brown rice, and fresh rolls. Thankfully, the kitchen mess is now cleaned and I'm sitting for a minute. Though it got cold here last night, I'm roasting from being in the hot kitchen!

Many of you have asked about Cooper. He's feeling much better, thanks! Yesterday I only gave him chicken broth and small servings of pumpkin to eat. He kept all that down, so last night I gave him a bit of shredded cooked chicken breast. He's still doing well today, so I gave him a small serving of dog food. I think he's on the mend. And his itchy feet are much better, too. At this moment, he's sound asleep in hubby's recliner.

We have tickets to the Auburn game, but are still undecided about going. Playing it by ear....

Thanks for all the sweet comments about my new ruler, the water soluble hexie papers, and Bliss. 2016 is going to be fun year!

Friday, November 20, 2015

BLISS Sneak Peak!

So here's a little peak.... it's amazing what some curves can do to enhance hexies!!! The possibilities with my new Curved Hexies Ruler are limitless! This is so much fun to make-- I'm having a ball playing with fabric.

So good to have hubby back home! We had a lovely dinner, topped off with a Sticky Pumpkin Cake with Caramel Sauce. It was delicious! I cooked it in the slow cooker as the recipe directed. It stuck on the bottom a bit, and I had to cook it 30 extra minutes to get it done, but it was worth it!

Poor Cooper is not feeling well. He started vomiting around 6 pm last night and continued off and on until 3:30am. He seems a little better now and is able to keep down some chicken broth. So now I'll start off my day with carpet cleaning and laundry...yuck....

So what else is on tap today?

BLISS! I think I'll work on another section today. Hubby is planning to catch up on his yard work. And we may fit in a nap - I know I'll need one after being up with Cooper so much.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


The cat is out of the bag!!!! My exciting news was announced on the BERNINA Ambassador webinar yesterday! So it's time to let you all share in the excitement.

I'm coming out with a new ruler! It will allow you to cut both your hexie papers and your fabric for hexies with a gentle curve.

AND I'm also coming out with my own line of hexie papers that are totally water soluble! And what does that mean for you? It means you never have to remove the papers! You can quilt right through them and they'll dissolve completely away in plain water. 

The water soluble papers will allow you to glue baste (with water soluble glue) if you like - you'll never have the issue of struggling to remove the glued paper - because it can all stay!

Also, because we don't have to remove the paper, we can now do our hexie stitching on the sewing machine with a decorative stitch if we want to - no worries about sewing through that paper because it doesn't have to be removed!

Of course, if you prefer you can keep on doing all your hexie sewing by hand. The ruler will work for your traditional hexie papers as well. 

I'll be sewing hexies by machine much more. You know, I'm only one person and I have my hands full designing and making projects for Hexie Love. Time has really been an issue for me in 2015, so for 2016 my samples and designs will be sewn by machine so that I can have more time to devote to the content of Hexie Love.

My new products will be available in JANUARY! And stay tuned tomorrow for a sneak peek at BLISS, made using curved hexies!!!

And now for more excited news!

My FIL was released from the hospital yesterday (after NINE days and some complications)! And that means that hubby is coming home today!!! YIPPEE! I'm cooking a special meal for him tonight and look forward to having my best friend and roomie back! 

Have a great day, y'all! Go forth and HEXIE!