Thursday, July 30, 2015

Is Basting a Quilt the Bane of Your Existence?

Firstly today, the new system for Hexie Love is working perfectly!!!!! No complaints! No problems! Not even a single question! It's easy peasy now to buy and read Hexie Love!

Now moving forward...

Do you hate basting quilts? It's not my favorite thing, I'll admit. I don't have a longarm machine - just don't make enough quilts to justify it. And I do love to quilt my own quilts unless the quilt is really huge (like my Celtic Solstice) or really special (like my Odyssey).

Yesterday I decided to try a new way to baste, trying to make it easier on myself. Here's what I did.

1. I pinned the quilt backing (face down) to my design wall. (Pin just at top and sides.)

2. I pinned fusible batting to the wrong side of the quilt backing, smoothing it out as I went. (Only pin at top and sides.)

3. I pinned the quilt top on top of the batting. (Only pin at top and sides.)

4. Using a cordless, rechargeable iron on a hot setting (mine is a Panasonic), press small sections and replace iron into its cradle to recharge. The iron reheats quickly and you can repeat the pressing process until the entire quilt has been pressed.

5. Carefully unpin the layers and remove quilt from the design wall. Turn it over with the quilt top facing the design wall and pin at the top and sides. Repeat pressing process with the rechargeable iron.

6. Remove quilt from the design wall. Using a plug-in (non rechargeable iron) press both sides of the quilt one more time for good measure.

7. Be sure to press well around the edges.

8. Machine stitch around the perimeter of the entire quilt - approximately 1/8" from the edge.

9. And you are done! Ready to quilt!

This is what I did yesterday morning. I have a couple of more tops I need to baste - but not today. Today is for hexies! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New and IMPROVED Hexie Love!

I'm thrilled to share with you the NEW way to buy Hexie Love. I'm done with the old way!!!

Simply go the HEXIE LOVE website. You'll see each issue with a button below (Add to Cart). The price is the same - $5.99 per issue.

If you purchase an issue, you'll immediately receive an email with a direct link to the PDF - easy as that!

The e-mail will state that you can download the PDF "3 times in forever" - I know this sounds a bit confusing. What it means is that you can use the link 3 times maximum, but there is no time limit for this. The reason for this limit of three times is simple: if everyone could download it many times, someone could send the link to a friend who could send it to a friend and so on. And I would not receive the compensation I deserve. I'm sure you all understand this! I would not stay in business very long like this!

Just save your PDF and you won't need to download it again! Simple as that!

The only negative here is that I can no longer accept subscriptions. The issues will have to be purchased one at a time for now. BUT, don't worry if you are already a subscriber!!!! I have your information and will manually send you the link for each issue as soon as it comes out! No worries here!

Now, if you have not had success in downloading a past issue that you purchased, please email me! I'll verify that you have made a past purchase and send you the link of the issue you need. Please be sure to specify which issue you were unable to download: 1,2,3, or 4.

I'll be adding this information to a tab at the top of the blog so you can easily refer to it when needed. And as always, I'll remind you when a new issue comes out.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hexie Shelves!

Remember that "had to have" hexie purchase I made last week? Well, here it is! Isn't it fabulous?!

It's BIG! And eventually it will hang somewhere in our house. Still trying to decide where...

You will probably see this in the pages of Hexie Love...displaying hexie stuff, of course! Yes, I know...I'm hexie obsessed!

I purchased this at World Market - it retails for $129.

So what else in new around here? Another day, another wedding venue to check out with my daughter. We will be glad to have the date and venue set in stone!

And tomorrow is the big day for Hexie Love - I'll be announcing the NEW way to purchase issues - you are going to love it!!!! It is so much easier! And fast! Thanks for all your patience and for sticking with me through this...

Monday, July 27, 2015

Long Hexie List Today!

Today's photo is the top shelf of my rolling cart - crowded with all my hand sewing paraphernalia. Look closely. Do you see Cooper in the background? Having his morning nap in Hubby's recliner?

I have more than 3 things on my list today - not ever a good idea. I need to narrow it down! I do need to go to the grocery store if we expect to eat this week. I think that will be the first thing I get done.

I'll be doing some computer work - SO CLOSE to having Hexie Love transitioned away from the previous software (Joomag) to the new delivery system...

AND, if I'm lucky, I'll get in a bit of sewing!

I'll be meeting Daughter 2 and her fiancé at a possible wedding reception venue at lunch - we hope to tie down the venue and the date by the end of the week - then the other details will start falling into place.

I wish you lots of Hexie Love from here!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chinese Silk

I basted hexies last night! If you follow me on Facebook, you know that yesterday Daughter 2 got engaged to be married to her boyfriend! After all the excitement died down, Hubby and I relaxed, watched a move, and I basted hexies. Ahhhh..... nice evening......

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that a friend visited me from China. Her visit reminded me of some gorgeous silk she brought me years ago when home for a visit. I've been saving to use for something special (though I wasn't sure what).

While she was here I was working on my special necktie project. Suddenly I had a light bulb moment! (Don't you love having a light bulb moment?!) -----This special silk would work beautifully in my necktie project!!!!!!!!!!

This fabric is the real deal - not a reproduction! Gorgeous color, print, and sheen. And look at the backside of the fabric below -

The back is totally different from the front! Not sure how they do this, but both sides are so pretty. I'm using the red as the 'right side' for this project, but I think I'll have enough fabric left to use the 'back side' for something special too.

Friday, July 24, 2015

My Hexie Birthday Gifts...

I've been promising to share my birthday gifts from a couple of weeks ago. The last item arrived yesterday! First up is BOTH Millefiori books by Willyne Hammerstein (from Hubby). LOTS of eye candy within!!!

Do you know what this is? They are nail wraps from Jamberry! (From Daughter 2). They aren't really hexie related, but I think these do look like quilt patterns!

Here are the ones I got. (Got some Auburn ones for football season!) My nails are going to rock!

Daughter 1 gave me a gift card to Hancock's of Paducah and my mom gave me some cash- lots of fun fabrics are now residing with me. I picked colorful options for fussy cutting. A girl can never have too much fabric!

And this is the most special gift ever - my new hexie necklace! This is something Hubby found on his own! It's very delicate and dainty. The fine chain runs right through the center of the hexagon.

This has been a super duper busy week! Today I'll try to slow down a bit. This morning I'm making some homemade mashed potatoes for my son-in-law - he's getting his wisdom teeth out this afternoon  and I'm hoping he'll feel like eating tomorrow. The only other thing on my list is some computer work.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Sashing Has Begun!

If you're a member of Hexie Love Open Studio on Facebook, you got a sneak peak at this last night!
Since I'd already selected this fabric from my stash, it was super fast to cut the strips and stitch them to the blocks. I'd like to add a more complex outer border...still thinking on that! Maybe a hexie border? I feature a hexie border design in every issue of Hexie Love, so maybe one of these patterns?
By the way, I cut 2.5" strips for this sashing. I have all the remaining strips cut for the rest of the quilt, too.

If you haven't started the 2015 Hexie BOM yet, you still can! The patterns are all under the tab at the top of this page.

This morning I'm working on the Perle Cotton stitching on the August BOM. When I first sat down I couldn't find my ball of thread. I'm sure you know the first place I looked...Cooper's mouth! Yes, there it was! Cooper! No harm done - I found it in time, thank goodness. So what else has he had in his mouth recently? Let's of my credit cards (I still need to call and get a new one) and a foam drink sleeve (destroyed completely).

Today will be a busy one. After finishing the Perle Cotton Stitching, I have several phone calls to make, a bit of cooking, and lots of computer work. Let's make it a Happy Hexie Day!