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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hexies and Doxie Ears

I finished the May BOM last night, complete with a doxie ear to help me. Love to have a doggy in my lap while I sew, and it's a good thing I do! There is almost always a doggy in my lap!

I hope you are having a nice, relaxing, hexie weekend! I spent most of Saturday morning doing house cleaning - not my favorite, but I turned up the music and got it done. Hubby was doing yard work at the same time.

Cooper and I have been doing LOTS of walking this week. By Friday evening one of my feet was swollen so I took the day off from our walk yesterday. I have a wonderful foot massager that I bought at a quilt show. I plugged it in and it has really helped. I think I'm up for a walk today and I'm sure both Cooper and Hubby will be too.

And there will be lots of hexie appliqué in my plans for later!

Make it a great day!!! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hexie Love Sneaky Peaky!

Here is a small peak at one project you'll see in the next issue of Hexie Love, coming out NEXT WEEK! This is a fun one - I believe in living your passion. So if you LOVE hexies, you want to not only make them, you want to WEAR THEM! That's enough hints for now...

Last night we went to the baseball game - Auburn vs. Georgia. I took a baggy of hexies to baste, but the game was too exciting! We got home about 9 - not late at all. But this morning Hubby and I were both tired - guess we're showing our age a bit!

FYI, Geta Grama is selling some of her iconic hexie quilts, including the one on the cover of the first issue of Hexie Love. Check them out here. I would love to have one of these in my collection! Speaking of collections... in the past week I've added two antique hexie quilts to my collection. Actually, one is just a top, but it's in perfect condition and I plan to finish it. I'll show pictures soon. I have this friend who has become my PHS (Personal Hexie Shopper). When she spots a hexie quilt or hexie item for sale, she lets me know. And 9 times out of 10, I jump on it! Aren't I lucky?

Did you know that Mary Kerr has an exhibit of antique hexie quilts in Paducah this week? If you are there, check it out! Mary has a wonderful article on saving old hexie quilts in the new issue of Hexie Love.

Also new in Hexie Land... I'm looking into putting together kits for next year's Progressive Quilt in Hexie Love. I've already designed the quilt - it's gorgeous and it's wall to wall hexies - no appliqué. The kits would include all the fabric, precut into hexagons, and the papers for English Paper Piecing. I'd love to find out how many would have interest in a kit. FYI, the fussy cutting would all be done for you! Great time saver! Get right to the sewing.

I'll be talking to someone about the cost of laser cutting kits this afternoon- I'll see what kind of pricing I can get. If it all works out, I'll attend Quilt Market and purchase the fabrics at wholesale. I'm hoping to keep the kit prices as low as possible! Many of you have told me (on Facebook) that you'd need to see the pattern before deciding if you'd be interested in a kit. I can't show the entire quilt pattern, but I will show you a sneak peak:

Big and small hexies flowers meander across the top. It's a very free form design. I haven't added color to the pattern yet, but maybe you can get the idea?

So why am I planning so early? Well, if there's one thing I've learned about the magazine business, it's that you have to plan way ahead! That's why most magazines are working on their Christmas issue in July! :)

So let me know what you think about kits! Yay or Nay?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Hexie Applique

Remember those samples pieces I made to take to Cleveland for QATV filming? It's time to finish these blocks, so I'm appliquéing like crazy! I should finish these this morning.

My list today includes a bit of magazine work, a bit of designing on EQ, and maybe some fabric cutting.

I decided that my next UFO project will be quilting a top that I finished a couple of years ago - it was the mystery quilt for my local guild, The Cotton Boll Quilt Guild. My plan is to quilt in the ditch and then do my favorite - Perle Cotton Hand Quilting. But first I need to baste the layers. Maybe I'll get the basting started today.

Here are more blossoms from our yard. It's so colorful now! And we have a pretty day, at least for now. I think some rain is headed in later, so I may get out an walk early.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Another UFO Finished!

Last night I put the final stitches into the binding of my version of Celtic Solstice. Since I left all the green out (as called for in Bonnie Hunter's directions), I'm calling it Auburn Solstice. I've been working on the binding a bit every evening. Don't you love the feeling of finishing a big project? This is my THIRD UFO finish for the year! I thought I'd be too busy with Hexie Love to work on, let along finish, UFO's. But by setting aside just an hour or so a day, it's amazing what I been able to accomplish.

I have the quilt on a bed here for now, but it will eventually live at the lake. The quilt on the wall is an art quilt I made years ago using lots of ugly neck ties.

This morning I finished stitching together the hexies for the May BOM. Then I prepared the motif for appliqué, AND I prepared a few more parts of Odyssey for appliqué. Guess what I'll be doing later today? :) I love appliqué!

We have another beautiful day today. The rain is coming back tomorrow for a few days. So I'd better get out for a walk while I can. Maybe later I'll decide which UFO is next up for completion - I still have several to pick from...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hexie Day!

I'm stitching these babies together today! Happy colors!

If you follow Hexie Love Open Studio on Facebook, then you know that I've finished designing next year's progressive quilt for Hexie Love! It's going to be gorgeous!!!! The 2016 Progressive Quilt will be a wall-to-wall hexie quilt - no appliqué of hexies for this one. I'll be encouraging LOTS of fussy cutting!

Finally we have a gorgeous day today and I'm all smiles about that. Cooper and I just got back from a lovely walk with a friend. Walking goes so much faster with a friend, doesn't it? Especially when you are both quilters and the conversation is all about that wonderful subject...

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hexie Quilt Wins HUGE Award!

We all know Linda White of Dear Prudence fame - she was featured in the current issue of Hexie Love. (If you haven't read this issue, go buy it now here!)

I got an email from her this morning - her quilt, Elenor Jean, (also featured in Hexie Love) won the big prize at the 2014 Australian National Quilt Show. Her award was sponsored by Bernina. You can read more about her experience on her blog here.

Go Linda! So proud of you!

Yesterday we had another rainy day. More is expected this afternoon, so I headed out to run errands this morning. Don't you hate to run errands in the rain? I do!

This afternoon I'll be doing some final corrections on the next issue of Hexie Love. One of my assistant editors told me yesterday how impressed she is with this issue. She commented on the photos, the cool graphics, and how my page design skills have improved with each issue! It made me smile - I think you'll love this issue.

It's the biggest issue yet at 40 pages! And no ads! I think my last book was only about 63 pages. It has more pictures than ever and lots of fun patterns and inspiration.

Don't forget, the coupon sale (15% off) on a subscription for Hexie Love will be over in a couple of days. This will probably be the last time you can get it at this love price!!!

Hexie love to everyone!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Surprise Yourself!

Surprise Yourself is the book written by Charlotte Angotti and Debbie Caffrey. This was the workshop I took yesterday. I wasn't sure what to expect - didn't know exactly what we'd be making. But I'm SO glad I took the class!

Charlotte had us begin by picking our own personal measurement to cut strips.  We made four patches first. Then we made these other units, basing our cutting on the nine patch. NO MATH! She made it so easy. And then we got to play on design walls, designing our own quilts using these units. You'd be surprised how many quilts in the universe contain these units.

Here are a couple of my favorites from Charlotte's quilts.

I haven't had a chance to play with my blocks yet. But I already have an idea to turn this into a hexie quilt....

I highly recommend her as a teacher for your guild. She and Debbie have also started a quilt retreat business together. Later this year the two of them plus Bonnie Hunter will have a retreat in Los Vegas - SOLD OUT. But there will be another next year in another location, I think with Karen Stone.