Saturday, January 28, 2023

A New Quilt Started...

I guess it was inevitable, wasn't it? I've had this mystery quilt on my mind for a few months. I'd heard the Quiltmania 2023 Mystery Quilt was designed by Susan Smith of Australia. I've long been fan. 

Four years ago I started the 2019 Quiltmania Mystery, Marshal, designed by Jen Kingwell. And just finished the hand quilting a few months ago. 

Anyway, this quilt is called Mathilde. I had let my Quiltmania subscription run out after 2019, so I renewed late last year in anticipation of the mystery quilt. I just got my January magazine  recently and decided I was in! I'm using civil war reproduction fabrics that I have on hand, leftover from making the Courthouse Steps quilts last year. 
So for the first set of instructions, I have to make 4 of these appliqued flower blocks. I also have to make 8 pieced blocks  - I'll be hand piecing them. I made templates for all these pieces so I'm ready to go. Boom!

I'm still making nine patches. Lots of nine patches. By the year end, I'll have a PILE of them! Great to be using my stash!

Another project I worked on....getting my Bernina feet and accessories organized. I have this nice case Hubby bought me years ago. But I now have 3 Berninas, and my feet were all in a mess. So I laid them all out and put the duplicates away.

And one nice set of feet is now arranged in numerical order in my case. Doesn't it make you feel good to organize????

Here's another little project from this week. A good friend (thank you Carol B!) gave me  a nice bunch of little pillows when I had breast cancer. Little pillows are so handy after surgery! I could put them under my arms or anywhere for more support during recovery. I still use this one while I'm riding or driving in the car, tucked in between my chest and the shoulder strap seat belt. I feel protected if the airbags were to deploy. I don't want my implants to break in an accident! 

So the pillow was a lovely pink, but had faded over time. It was quick and easy to recover and give it a new look.

It's amazing how much sewing I can get done in little pockets of time. I love keeping the grandchildren and it's always my first priority, but I can still find time to sew!


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