Wednesday, January 11, 2023

All Blacks Are Not the Same!


When I put away a UFO, there is usually a reason. Several days ago I realized why this lozenge project was put on a shelf. I had used up all the black Grunge fabric. No wonder! 

I hadn't planned on buying any fabric for now. I have PLENTY! And I'm going to QuiltCon next month.  BUT, I really needed that black Grunge! I looked at the Hancocks of Paducah website and (OF COURSE!) there were SEVERAL Grunge black fabrics. It's hard to tell which is which on a computer screen. But I made my best guess and ordered 'Black Dress.' 

It came in yesterday and I guessed correctly! Yay!

So this morning I cut out lots more squares of Black Dress Grunge. I also cut more of the white Grunge squares - I still had plenty of this.

I had cut out tons of the large rectangles for the quilt before I had put this project on the shelf. I realized that now it wasn't just a UFO. It was a quilt kit, all cut out, and ready to sew! That got me thinking that I could pack it up and take it to our guild retreat in May. Boom! It all fit in a plastic bin. Yay!

Then I started thinking about what else I could take to the retreat. I dug out this project. These cute mid century modern houses have been put away for a few years. I have this quilt earmarked for one of my nephews. He'll be graduating with a degree in Architecture this Spring. 

So there's no better time to get this one back underway. So I gathered some fabrics and packed this one up for retreat as well.

I have 3 nephews and I want to give each of them a quilt later this year. One of them is getting a quilt-as-you-go quilt that I have already started. Another will get a black and white triangle quilt - this quilt is only a thought in my head. I think I'll make up kits for these quilts, too, and take them to retreat. 

And this is my zen project in the evenings. I'm LOVING doing this hand quilting! 

Enjoy your day!

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