Monday, December 19, 2022

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!


Everyone who has been sick is much improved! Yay! 

Yesterday I finished Sadie's yearly ornament. It turned out really cute, I think. As a reminder, here are the previous two I made for her.

As you may remember, I finished Noah's first ornament a few weeks ago. I only have to stitch a little '2022' charm on it to commemorate the year. Woohoo, Christmas READY!

I keep these ornaments at my house for now. I like to keep them separate from other ornaments. When the kids are around 18, I plan to give them to Sadie and Noah, each in a special box of their own. But I do get picture of them with the ornaments each year.

I got a new cutting table yesterday- woohoo. It's from Home Depot and here's the link. There was free delivery to our door, though Hubby had to put it together. We actually ordered two of these so he'd have a nice new workbench in our garage, but for some odd reason the other one hasn't arrived yet.

Last week I made all my cookie doughs. Gingerbread, sugar, and chocolate.

I've now baked two of the flavors...only gingerbread left. We have usually already had our cookie decorating party with our girls by now, but sickness has pushed it back. We hope to fit it in this week, though Daughter 1 may have to miss it because she's leaving today for a last minute business trip to NYC. 

Once Hubby started feeling better, we ventured downtown one evening. The iconic Samford Hall is in the distance.

And there's Toomer's Drugs, home of the insanely delicious lemonade.

And our destination...Little Italy Pizza. It was fun to be downtown at dusk and view all the Christmas lights on campus and nearby.

I only have one more present to wrap. This week I just need to do a bit of house cleaning, buy groceries, and begin the prep for our Christmas meal with our family. Can't wait! 

Enjoy your week!

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