Thursday, December 15, 2022

Holiday sickness....


'Tis the season. You may remember that last year I was diagnosed with the Flu on Christmas Eve. It was horrible, worse than the Covid I had in February. Last week a bunch of our family took Sadie to ride the Christmas train in a local park. I wore a mask unless my picture was being taken (as above!)

I was the the only one wearing a mask... Hubby now has Strep Throat. I'm keeping him confined on one side of the house. One of our daughters (Sadie and Noah's mom) has Flu. Noah isn't feeling too great either - he's 3 weeks old now. 

UGH! We hope all are better for Christmas! Meanwhile...

I'm still making wheat bread. So good!

And here are the bag tags I've been making for gifts. These are so fun to make! They have a layer of foam inside to keep them sturdy. 

Here's to staying well so I can help everyone who is sick. Many of my friends are sick, too. Some with Covid, some with Strep, some with nasty colds. Everything is going around in our little city. Wear your masks, people!!! Please!

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