Monday, November 7, 2022

Update on Christmas Ornaments and My Eyes

Over the weekend, I finished the needlepoint on Noah's ornament. Yay! I really enjoyed this process. The ornament kit is meant to be self finishing...there is a flap of fabric on the back that you are meant to stitch in place. BUT...I didn't want to do it like that. So I cut off the flap and also removed that green binding.

I also ended up removing the hanging loop later.

Next I wrapped the needlepoint around some cardstock padded with batting, laced it to get it nice and snug.

I chose this fabric for the backside of the ornament. I wrapped this around more cardstock and batting, again lacing to tighten it all up.

And now I'll hand stitch the two sides together with some cording in between...I'll share the finished ornament when I'm finished!

Saturday was college football watching (and lots of hand quilting on Marshal!) I can see the finish line on this quilt!

I've been in the routine of grocery shopping on Sunday and making some kind of casserole that day, too. I like to get a jump start on the week by making a dish that will feed us for at least two evening meals. Sadie is picked up at 5 pm most days, so I like to make evening meals during the week quick to prepare. This week it's a pizza casserole...noodles, spaghetti sauce, sausage, pepperoni, and cheese. Easy peasy!

Other meals this week will include hot ham and cheese sliders with potato salad and grilled chicken with a vegetable and tossed salad. All are yummy, but fast and easy.

Are you as flabbergasted as I am over the grocery prices???? A tube of toothpaste was $7.47 yesterday! I was going to buy some bagels, but they were $6.00 for six bagels and I passed. And the bread I like is $6.99 a loaf!!! Maybe I should start making my own bread? And bagels? I just might....stay tuned....

You may remember that I recently had an ophthalmologist appointment. My vision, particularly in my right eye, is quite blurry. Well...I didn't get great news. I was diagnosed with Macular Puckers, also known as Macular Wrinkles. The puckers are on the backside of my eyeball. I have it in both eyes, but it's worse in the right. At this point there is nothing that can be done. It's very bothersome. I find it difficult to read a book or menu. (Good thing I listen to books on Audible now.) 

As for sewing....I can see well enough to machine sew. Hand sewing something tedious (like tiny cross stitch) is very hard. In fact, I haven't pick up my Anniversaries of the Heart piece since before our move. I do hope to get back to it eventually. 

I did read that if the condition worsens, there is a surgery that can be done. So I don't know if I should hope it worsens? Or hope it stabilizes? It bothers me the most in the evenings, but I'm aware of it all day long. Such a nuisance, but I'll keep sewing. I will say that big stitch hand quilting is something that I can easily see to do! So I'll be finishing more quilts like this. The needlepoint is okay for me to see, as long as the mesh is big enough. 

That's all from here! Have a great week!


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