Monday, November 21, 2022

A Quilt Finish!

I can't believe it! I finished my Marshal quilt Saturday while watching football. I hand quilted all day long. And when late afternoon arrived...I put in the last stitch. I adore this quilt. This is the quilt I began 4 years ago, soon after my mastectomy. I wasn't able to sit at my machine and sew for a few months. But as soon as I started feeling better, this block of the month pattern came out in Quiltmania magazine, designed by Jen Kingwell. Hand piecing worked great for this and that's all I could do at the time. 

I had some Tula Pink fabric and decided to use it. It worked. You know how when you sew something special? How you later remember what you were watching on TV or whatever was going on with your life? 

That's how this quilt is for me. This quilt got me through my breast cancer journey. I remember sitting on the sofa at the lake house (the same sofa where I slept for months after my surgery), tracing my homemade templates, cutting fabric out one piece at a time, and carefully hand piecing the little bits together. 

It's truly a milestone to finish it finally. Four years in the making. Yay!

I've been threatening to do it and I did! I made a loaf of whole wheat bread. It was great! So easy to make and so delicious! So we finished it and I made another. Tomorrow I'm making more! It's just too easy not to make it myself. Find the recipe HERE. This bread slices beautifully for sandwiches or toast. 

We are still on watch and wait duty for the new baby to arrive. He's taking his time, but it can't be much longer. 

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!


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