Monday, July 18, 2022

Stitching and Cross Stitch

I figured it was about time for a cross stitch update. Here's where I am on the july block. I'm making progress and should be able to finish before August. I would love to finish this early though!

I made 4 more eye spy blocks during the week. Someone local was selling some stash - I noticed there were some conversational prints in the mix so I bought them. All except the ladybugs above came from that purchase. 

I also finished another row of my Sadie portrait, but I may not share a picture for now. I only have EIGHT rows left! And at least half of these are simply solid pieces of fabric for the squares! So close to finishing! So excited! I'll be ready to quilt it by Fall. And that will be so fun!

This week I plan to cut the next round of hourglass blocks for the orange and blue quilt made from men's shirting. Sadie might even help me sew some of these.  She loves to sew with me!

Enjoy your week!


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